Episode 24 – Issue 12!

It’s the Issue 12 Patch-a-Palooza! Yes, it’s another long one. No, we aren’t trying to bore you to death. We’d like to get all the i12 info out to you, so we can get back to our regular episode schedule. Also, our throats are sore from chatting and getting loud at Balticon, so please bear with us. We sound pretty rough.

This time we discuss:


Special Episode 05 – Freespec++

During the regularly schedule maintenance on the morning of Friday, May 30th (starting at 6 AM Pacific and lasting for 2 hours) NCSoft will be running the following grants on the live servers:

  • Free Respec
    This will grant a respec to characters that does not stack with any previous free respecs a character may have. Given this non-stacking nature, if you have a free respec currently, you may want to use it before the grant is run.
  • Free Tailor Token
    This will apply free tailor or facemaker session tokens for each costume slot a character has.
  • Global Chat Handle reset
    All accounts initially start with the ability to change their global chat handle one time. This grant will reset that and allow accounts who had previously changed their global chat handle to do so again. This is a one time chat handle change, so please use it wisely.

Special Ep 04 – Reactivation Weekend

( yes, that’s 4 minutes, not 4 hours 🙂 )

We just received news that NCSoft will be offering a special “Reactivation Weekend” in a few days! This means that all accounts that were a prior retail account (as in they were a subscriber not a free trial) will be reactivated during the following window:

Start: Thursday, May 22nd 10am PST / Noon CST
End: Sunday, May 25th 8:59pm PST / 10:59pm CST

So let all of your friends that have unsubscribed know about this special event and take this opportunity to try out Issue 12!!


Episode 23 – News and Base Building

Get comfy, heroes. It’s a long one…

We ended up with a show chock full of news and comments, but didn’t want to postpone the Intro to Bases further, so you gets the whole jumbo sized episode in one shot!

This time we discuss:


Episode 22 – News and Comments

Today we bring you a mish-mash episode of news recorded the Sunday before we did the interview and news recorded this weekend. In addition we had comments from both weeks as well.

We had planned on this being a featurecast, but there was just so much other content that we’re going to save the feature until next week!

In this episode we discuss:


Hero 1 Interview Shrinky Dink

Last post about the interview, I promise 🙂

We’ve noticed that some people with spotty Internet connections are having a difficult time downloading the episode. To try and alleviate this, I just exported the show at a lower bitrate. This means that the sound quality won’t be as good, but the file will be much smaller. Also, I’ve split the file into two parts to further shrink the size.

You can download the pieces with these links:
Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2

As a last resort you can read the transcript from the official forums.



Hero 1 Interview Transcript

Just wanted to let everybody know that there is now a transcript of the interview available on the official site. Viv toiled away to transcribe the whole interview so that any deaf or non-native-English speakers could get the content.

In addition, we’re told that there will be translations into other languages made available for EU players!


Special Episode 03 – Hero 1 Interview

As you can tell from our previous comments, we were quite excited to get on the phone with Joe! So I’m hastily posting the episode, and will take the time to write proper show notes over the next few days 🙂

Of course we talk about some i11 stuff, i12, lots about NCSoft and writing. I know we mention Playing For Keeps and Paragon Wiki, but can’t remember beyond that.

Oh and don’t forget, open beta starts Tuesday, May 6!



Listener Meet-up

Thanks to Lex for pointing out that we should put the meet-up information on the front page!

Save the Date!

Who: Any Level One character you would like to play!
When: Sunday, May 4th
Time: 4:00PM Eastern (3:00 Central/2:00 Mtn/1:00 Pacific/12:00 Alaska/etc.)
Where: City of Heroes, Guardian Server, Atlas Park, Miss Liberty
What: Just a casual bit of gameplay, having fun and hanging out.

We’d like to keep this simple, so are requesting folks bring a level 1 toon. Don’t worry about build or team needs, just make what you like and we’ll make it work!

So skip Outbreak and head to Atlas Park for some sewer fun or street sweeps!

Sorry for folks that can’t attend, but I have a feeling we’ll be doing this again at some point, so no worries!


Special Episode 02 – Announcements

We have two very special announcements to make:

City of Heroes Podcast