Episode 24 – Issue 12!

It’s the Issue 12 Patch-a-Palooza! Yes, it’s another long one. No, we aren’t trying to bore you to death. We’d like to get all the i12 info out to you, so we can get back to our regular episode schedule. Also, our throats are sore from chatting and getting loud at Balticon, so please bear with us. We sound pretty rough.

This time we discuss:


Special Ep 04 – Reactivation Weekend

( yes, that’s 4 minutes, not 4 hours 🙂 )

We just received news that NCSoft will be offering a special “Reactivation Weekend” in a few days! This means that all accounts that were a prior retail account (as in they were a subscriber not a free trial) will be reactivated during the following window:

Start: Thursday, May 22nd 10am PST / Noon CST
End: Sunday, May 25th 8:59pm PST / 10:59pm CST

So let all of your friends that have unsubscribed know about this special event and take this opportunity to try out Issue 12!!


Episode 23 – News and Base Building

Get comfy, heroes. It’s a long one…

We ended up with a show chock full of news and comments, but didn’t want to postpone the Intro to Bases further, so you gets the whole jumbo sized episode in one shot!

This time we discuss:


Episode 22 – News and Comments

Today we bring you a mish-mash episode of news recorded the Sunday before we did the interview and news recorded this weekend. In addition we had comments from both weeks as well.

We had planned on this being a featurecast, but there was just so much other content that we’re going to save the feature until next week!

In this episode we discuss:


Special Episode 03 – Hero 1 Interview

As you can tell from our previous comments, we were quite excited to get on the phone with Joe! So I’m hastily posting the episode, and will take the time to write proper show notes over the next few days 🙂

Of course we talk about some i11 stuff, i12, lots about NCSoft and writing. I know we mention Playing For Keeps and Paragon Wiki, but can’t remember beyond that.

Oh and don’t forget, open beta starts Tuesday, May 6!



Episode 21 – News, Faction, and Accolade Spotlights

Chooch and Viv are both back this week! Short on the notes as we are finishing preparations for RavenCon this weekend.

In this episode we talk about:


Episode 20 – Feedback!

The plague settles upon our SG Base this week so Viv flies solo while Chooch is incapacitated.

Viv brings to you:

Hero Dawn Bash


Episode 19 – News and Micro Topics

We start out with our usual dash of news from the forums. Rather than one main topic, however, we focus on some of the shorter topics recently suggested in our forums.
We discuss:


Episode 18 – Tour of Villainy

I think we’ve broken our own record again, making this the longest episode. This wasn’t the intention, but I guess we’ll see if everybody who said “longer episodes please!” really meant it 🙂 I promise that this won’t be a habit and future episodes will get back under the hour mark.

This is part two of our guest interview with Rich. There was some very important, last minute news that was added just before we posted though which takes a little time to get through.

In this episode we discuss:


Episode 17 – Take Three!

Apparently you can only attach 1 media file per post in the RSS2 feed, and since the Infected PDF was the second thing I attached it took over.. Just like Sigler, I tell ya!!

So, here is the actual podcast episode… again.. I tried once before and it didn’t seem to take. So I just renamed the file, and we’ll see what happens!


Episode is a bit late… but there was an injury involved, so please don’t debuff us 🙂
This episode is part one of a two part interview with a friend of ours dedicated to villains!

We discuss:

  • Viv’s on drugs
  • News [more complete show notes on actual news items to come]
  • Bab’s sig file link
  • New Gallery software on !
  • New Listener Forums !
  • Go buy Scott Sigler’s Infected on April 1st! Oh, and in case you don’t know if you’d like it, Scott is letting us attach a free PDF version to this episode!! That’s right, the ENTIRE Novel in no-DRM PDF form is in the feed. However, this is a “3 day only” deal, so I will be removing the PDF from the feed on April 1st.
  • New feedback phone number (the old one got disconnected because nobody called in 30 days 🙁
  • Interview with Rich
    • What draws Rich to the Rogue Isles
    • CoV contacts strategy
    • Differences between COH and COV
    • Task Forces/Strike Forces
    • Level restricted zones
    • Giant Monsters
    • The villain Archetypes
    • Feelings on the announced villain epic archetypes
    • Player populations between Villains and Heroes
    • Villain player attitudes compared to Hero side
    • Thanks to Rich for helping fund the VEAT 🙂
    • Villain temp powers and accolades
    • Six Paragons
    • Weekend Hero
  • Promos: Chasing the Bard, MetaMor City
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