The City of Heroes Podcast is focused on bringing news, information, tips and tricks to the casual or new Heroes gamer.

City of Heroes is an amazing Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG, or just MMO). Unlike fantasy MMOs you get to create a super hero (or super villain) complete with super powers and costumes, then battle with or against millions of other players.

Our aim is to enrich the gaming experience and get more people interested in playing this great game!

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  1. Dark Miasma’s Howling Night does not require as accuracy check AND it has a disorient (mag2 I believe?) to help avoid aggro. So its basically an autohit disorient that will heal every ally around.

    A neat trick if you have a trick arrow defender/controller. Say there are no baddies and everyone is dead on the team except you and your TA friend. Have them drop an Oil Slick, target with your dark and hit howling twilight. Whahlah rezzed group with no enemies. This was shown to BAB on test when the new Hami was being tested. He was shocked and surprised as this was not known to work to the devs. It’s not an exploit though as the oil slick is targettable as an enemy so it can be lit. He seemed very impressed that players had discovered this.

  2. Well shoot the “heal” in the first paragraph should have said “rez” but I guess you figured that out. Ack!

  3. Idea: how about a global channel for COHPodcast listeners to discuss things? I’ll pick a topic: Serpent Drummer isn’t a snake or a musician. Discuss!

  4. Thanks for a wonderful podcast. New listener and been on COX for 15 months. I wanted to be at the Listener event but Saturdays before 6pm Pacific is always bad due to my job with the USPS. I am very casual with my play and got too wrapped up in creating toons so my highest level toon is a 21 level Invis/Super Strenght Magic Tanker. I have had trouble with creating my SG. Learning the COX Ettiquette has been a comedy of errors, Especially with this being my first MMO.

    Thanks for Everything

    Danger Force

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