Special Episode 02 – Announcements

We have two very special announcements to make:

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Hmmmm, so RECORDING this on open-beta eve, which means making it available AFTER open-beta? Which means you can get all the I12 super sekrit info into the episode?

Or do you plan on holding off an extra day? Record Hero1 on Monday, record the I12 patch notes on Tuesday, let us hear on Wednesday?

Ummm….”squee”? what is that?

But, otherwise, GREAT!! That’s awesome that this little ‘cast is getting BIG attention!

Y’all rock!


Two nice big wins for you two and the Podcast! I noticed that on April 30 the forums hit their newest record of most users logged in at once.

I already know that your Dev interview will be outstanding, and getting covered by is no small potatoes either. They have readers from just about every MMO available in the states as well as good coverage of all the new ones on the horizon.

Here’s wishing more continued tasty success and future squees!

Squeee is like Yay but with at least 60% more win.

Gratz on snagging the interview you two. Can’t wait to hear it. I’m not too sure you should trust Hero 1 though….no what I mean???? hint: riktified. Watch out.

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