Episode 24 – Issue 12!

It’s the Issue 12 Patch-a-Palooza! Yes, it’s another long one. No, we aren’t trying to bore you to death. We’d like to get all the i12 info out to you, so we can get back to our regular episode schedule. Also, our throats are sore from chatting and getting loud at Balticon, so please bear with us. We sound pretty rough.

This time we discuss:

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Ecliptix – Yes, we know, it’s old news now. But there was a lot in the patch notes and we felt strongly it needed to be reported. And we included all the news up to the recording time, there just wasn’t much there.

Ah, well. There’s always the next show…

Biiiiiigggg patch notes! It’s not actually the notes I’m interested in hearing, though, it’s what your responses are to them. Cool? Meh? Squueeeee? I wouldn’t get into the class specific stuff too much. We can (and should!) read the notes ourselves.

Regarding the chat – when you right click you get the same old list as ever. When you left click you get the new options. ‘Invite to team’ has been really handy!

Zloth beat me to it, but yeah I found the new chat menu when I left clicked on a character I was doing sewers with.

Thanks for keeping me company while unpacking today. I’m hoping to get on later. I’m totally alt-aholic-ing (Yea, I made a new word)over on Guardian since I made a couple of “get-together” characters over there and I’m still getting in fighting trim before I bring out my big guns.

Would like to point out also that if you left click on someones global name in a global chat channel and click invite to team it will actually invite whatever toon that player is currently on.
Oh, and Great podcast guys, haven’t had time to go through the patch notes myself, so its nice to listen to while I’m playing.

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