Special Ep 04 – Reactivation Weekend

( yes, that’s 4 minutes, not 4 hours 🙂 )

We just received news that NCSoft will be offering a special “Reactivation Weekend” in a few days! This means that all accounts that were a prior retail account (as in they were a subscriber not a free trial) will be reactivated during the following window:

Start: Thursday, May 22nd 10am PST / Noon CST
End: Sunday, May 25th 8:59pm PST / 10:59pm CST

So let all of your friends that have unsubscribed know about this special event and take this opportunity to try out Issue 12!!

5 replies on “Special Ep 04 – Reactivation Weekend”

PST meaning Pacific Standard Time, as opposed to Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), which you would expect in the summer. Ex Libris keeps doing that! Drives me NUTTY!!

And kudos to you two – there’s no announcement about this on the official forums yet! You got the scoop!

Chooch and Viv,

Thanks for the timely notification, faithful newsies! You’ve scooped the Bugle and the Planet again!

I sent out some emails to some of my slacker minions who once played the game, so thanks to you two, they’re considering checking out the game again, and the new content.

Pat, aka Fantastic Foe

Yes, I was hesitant to screw that up, I remembered frustration on the forums before on that issue. That’s why I devolved into hissing them, LOL!

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