Listener Meet-up

Thanks to Lex for pointing out that we should put the meet-up information on the front page!

Save the Date!

Who: Any Level One character you would like to play!
When: Sunday, May 4th
Time: 4:00PM Eastern (3:00 Central/2:00 Mtn/1:00 Pacific/12:00 Alaska/etc.)
Where: City of Heroes, Guardian Server, Atlas Park, Miss Liberty
What: Just a casual bit of gameplay, having fun and hanging out.

We’d like to keep this simple, so are requesting folks bring a level 1 toon. Don’t worry about build or team needs, just make what you like and we’ll make it work!

So skip Outbreak and head to Atlas Park for some sewer fun or street sweeps!

Sorry for folks that can’t attend, but I have a feeling we’ll be doing this again at some point, so no worries!

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It was such a fun gathering. Thanks so much for organizing today’s event!

Super fun very awesome, can’t wait for the next one. Bring burgers and cheesecake!

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