Episode 23 – News and Base Building

Get comfy, heroes. It’s a long one…

We ended up with a show chock full of news and comments, but didn’t want to postpone the Intro to Bases further, so you gets the whole jumbo sized episode in one shot!

This time we discuss:

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New podcast! During Issue 12 release?

You guys have superpowers!

Thank you!!!

Your humble servant,


(For the following plz sing as Ironman by Black Sabbath)

Chooch chooch choooochy choo choochy choochy choo choo choochy choo

Great cast you guys!!

Also just to give you guys some info about Voice Fonts from Vivox! I’ve read about it on a few blogs. Vivox is also been contract by Sony for Everquest 2. The Voice Fonts allow you to adjust your voice to sound like your character. In EQ 2 this allows you to sound like a dwarf, gnome, orc, troll, elf, etc. Yeah I guess it works pretty well but some peoples voices don’t sync with it well.


Your podcast is three different kinds of awesome – perhaps four. I’ve just started my own SuperGroup on Virtue and this information is very -very- helpful.

You two are on point.

Now, just need to work on your publishing timing!


AKA, that guy that helped Chooch get to level 10

CoolB’s Crazy Comments
1: I love the new Zone Event Channel, but does anyone know what the captionevent filter channel is for?
2: I’ve met some great people from PuGs as well and like Viv I’m spoiled since I now prefer teaming with them instead of joining PuGs.
3: And I agree, Dramatic Chipmunk for Vice President! I think the lil guy (although, maybe it’s a her, can’t tell) would make a great second in command for Vico Viv.

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