Special Episode 03 – Hero 1 Interview

As you can tell from our previous comments, we were quite excited to get on the phone with Joe! So I’m hastily posting the episode, and will take the time to write proper show notes over the next few days 🙂

Of course we talk about some i11 stuff, i12, lots about NCSoft and writing. I know we mention Playing For Keeps and Paragon Wiki, but can’t remember beyond that.

Oh and don’t forget, open beta starts Tuesday, May 6!


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Fantastic job, guys. It was really smooth and relaxed and informative. And Joe is da man!

But hey…asking for official hero names? Even I’m not THAT shameless!

Seriously, though, one of your best casts so far. Thanks!

Red names? Sure. Numina and… hmmm… what’s a male character that you can barely see? 😉

Good interview with LOTS of information!

P.S. T minus 127 minutes for I12 open beta!

Dang it, last post was supposed to start with…

{Zloth checks how often Chooch and Viv actually post on the official boards}

I had it in lessthan/greaterthan signs instead of {}’s, though, so it didn’t show.

That Joe guy talks weird. He often almost stops in the middle of a word and drags out the vowel sounds reeeeaaaally long. Most people just pause between words or say “um…” when they are trying to think fast while talking. I found it very annoying. Also the interviewers need to not say “right”, “ummm hmmm”, and “yeah” so much.

Other than that the interview contained lots of cool info about a great game. Kudos.

Joe’s vocal mannerisms were a touch odd, yes – the long drawn out words when he was trying to think, that was very obvious to the ear. However, I don’t think that’s a huge deal. Aside from that little thing, he spoke really well.

Most radio (or podcast) interviewees aren’t so articulate. In some ways, it’s harder to talk when you know you’re being recorded. It’s awesome that he could be so laid back and relaxed. Seems like the man really cares about our community. And that’s great.

As for the hosts, they did GREAT. Sure, they said “right” and “yeah” a lot while Joe was speaking, but you can’t criticise that. As an interviewer, it helps to make little cues to show you’re listening or to encourage your interviewee. If you’re interviewing for TV or in person, you can do that silently – nod, smile, so on. A telephone interview like this is much harder, and I think the CoH podcast folks did a WONDERFUL job.

Sure, you don’t always hear that kind of thing listening to, say, commercial radio interviews, for example. But a professional studio has slightly better control over live recordings. Even then, it’s harsh. I worked for a radio station, and honestly, I’m amazed at the quality of this interview. It is truly, truly excellent, by any standard. Very cool.

Another excellent cast. The cast was informative and entertaining. Thanks

I’m trying to download the MP3 file, but the server does not support resuming a broken download, and that combined with my not very great connection means I’ve had to start over three times already. Any alternative download places, like an FTP that will resume a broken download?

I was taught to always think before I speak.

I’ve always been the type of person that goes out of my way to make sure a person feels welcome and knows that they for all their trivial differences are, in fact, the same as I…

I enjoyed the podcast Chooch and Viv! Hero 1 being on the show really got me jazzed up for I12!

Thank you Hero 1 for a look behind the scenes of our beloved game!

I’d be a total mess if I had to give or do an interview. Just offering some rather obvious and hopefully constructive criticism for what it’s worth.

Fantastic interview, hosts! Entertained every information-filled moment!

In regards to some of the drawn out vowels from Joe: I believe that’s the result of an affected internet phone system.

Drew, not yet but I am working on the transcription for the interview as quickly as possible. I am about halfway through the 80 minute interview. It is a slow process for me, as I’ve never done this sort of thing before.

The ‘drawn out vowel’ sound was a familiar one to me — I’m assuming he “called in” via Skype or a similar service. Certain sounds will cause a very minor artifact error which will cause a touch of modulation or a compression error, which causes recurring ‘long notes’ or shifts in tone. At least two of the longer notes included slight modulations, so I think that was Voice Over IP, not Joe.

It sounds like a technical error in his voice. I’m assuming he called in on a cell phone, or a speech program like Skype.

Great interview. Really enjoyed it

I am also trying to download the file 3 nights in a row now. I cannot listen to it streamed since my connection is really bad.
Anyone have an alternative download for me?

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