Episode 47 – Going Rogue and Beyond

This outing we discuss:

Listener Meet-Up #4

Yeah, I know, another fake-out post without any big content…

Since we weren’t able to get the next episode out like we planned to this week I wanted to at least get an announcement out to everybody.

By the power of loophole – we are happy to bring you Listener Meetup IV: A New Hope!

We were thinking that it would be cool to make this another “Pimp My Arc” event and run through some listener generated content!

So, here are the deets:
We’ll meet up on Guardian ServerAtlas Park Galaxy City – Architect Entertainment Building at 2pm Eastern on Sunday, June 28th.

which is:

  • 1pm Central
  • Noon Mountain
  • 11 am Pacific
  • 10 am Alaska, or
  • 10:30am Monday in Tehran

Plan to goof around, chat and catch up for 30-45 minutes, and then start running arcs. In the past the events have lasted about 2 hours, so that’s what we’ll shoot for — essentially, if you come late, don’t worry about it — just say hi when you get there and jump onto a team to run an arc!

Hope to see you there!!

Episode 30 – XPXP Hangover

Sorry for the delay.. XPXP Weekend got the best of us, and work unexpectedly had me hopping the whole week after so we never had time to record!

This episode we discuss:

  • T-shirt status
  • Contest is almost over – get your submissions in by Jul 31, 2008!: Win a copy of the debut issue of comic book Twilight Guardian by Troy Hickman! The rules are as follows:
    • Send an Email, starting immediately to cohpodcast@gmail.com
    • We will do 2 random drawings, and Troy will mail them to the winners.
    • Make sure you include the subject: “Twilight Guardian Contest”; your full name; age (over 18); and complete mailing address.
    • If we draw you name and don’t have that info, we will go to the next name we draw.
    • Also, specify how you want it signed- either with just Troy’s signature, or with your name/character name/ or inscribed to your Aunt Fannie.
  • Podcaste Global channel
  • Podcaste SG
  • Listener meet-up – Again, we’ll be hitting the troll caves in Hollows at the next meet-up, so you need a level 12 to join us. We’ll be split up into teams again, but will be all together this time.
  • Double XP weekend
  • Special Episode coming up w/Mur Lafferty – Submit questions for Mighty Mur!
  • CoH News
  • NPC Complaints
  • Feedback
  • Promo: Double Trouble


Episode 28 – Invention Origin Enhancements Pt 2

The late-isode has arrived 🙂 Thanks for the patience everybody!

This time we talk about:

Episode 27 – News and Feedback

Enhancements/IO Sets Part Two will be coming in the next episode. This time up we have some news, announcements, and your feedback!

In this episode we discuss:

Episode 26 – Invention Origin Enhancements Pt 1

Hot off the heals of our Balticon wrap-up comes an honest-to-goodness new episode! Why, its like Christmas in June! …or an extra Double XP weekend! …yeah, or just another episode 🙂

This week we talk about:


Listener Meet-up

Thanks to Lex for pointing out that we should put the meet-up information on the front page!

Save the Date!

Who: Any Level One character you would like to play!
When: Sunday, May 4th
Time: 4:00PM Eastern (3:00 Central/2:00 Mtn/1:00 Pacific/12:00 Alaska/etc.)
Where: City of Heroes, Guardian Server, Atlas Park, Miss Liberty
What: Just a casual bit of gameplay, having fun and hanging out.

We’d like to keep this simple, so are requesting folks bring a level 1 toon. Don’t worry about build or team needs, just make what you like and we’ll make it work!

So skip Outbreak and head to Atlas Park for some sewer fun or street sweeps!

Sorry for folks that can’t attend, but I have a feeling we’ll be doing this again at some point, so no worries!