Episode 22 – News and Comments

Today we bring you a mish-mash episode of news recorded the Sunday before we did the interview and news recorded this weekend. In addition we had comments from both weeks as well.

We had planned on this being a featurecast, but there was just so much other content that we’re going to save the feature until next week!

In this episode we discuss:

8 replies on “Episode 22 – News and Comments”

The Evil I-Tunes Monkey strikes again!!! Only 16 mins long!! Whoever does that Meatwad voice…I see a future in small time vacuum sales in a back-alley!!!

Great ‘cast today, covering the 4 year anniversary and the impending open beta (at least, it was impending when you were preparing the podcast.) I look forward to the buzz when I12 hits live.

Great episode Chooch like human and Viv like human. Keep up the great work!

Okay, this is one of the best episodes I’ve heard. Not because of the content (although that is all pretty damned cool) but Chooch & Viv really seem to hit their stride here!

Seriously guys, this is the best I’ve heard you. Funny, professional, witty… everything I’m looking for in podcast hosts. The experience of 22+ episodes seems to be paying off, eh? 😉

Another great cast as usual! Thanks SO much for reading the e-mail for our sg. That was totally awesome of you guys!

CoolB’s Crazy Comments
1: Well, you COULD drive to PAX.. it would just take longer 😉
2: I don’t mind the idea of ingame ads, if it helps get the devs more funds to make the game even better without increasing the monthly charge I’m all for it. Well, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand, but I think the devs can be trusted.
3: Cool jar? Too much cool? Does that mean anytime I post a comment you’ll be putting coins in the cool jar? 😉

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