This is just a quick check-in that the episode will post later this week. Thanks to everybody who came out for the listener meet-up! It was a lot of fun and great to virtually meet so many of you!


Episode 27 – News and Feedback

Enhancements/IO Sets Part Two will be coming in the next episode. This time up we have some news, announcements, and your feedback!

In this episode we discuss:


Contest for a copy of Chasing The Bard

Chris Moody over at the Podio Media Chat podcast has done an interview with Philippa Ballantine and is having a drawing for a signed copy of her book Chasing the Bard! Head over, give a listen to the interview and possibly get a free book!

Time is very limited, though – the deadline to enter is June 11th at 11:00 PM PDT! Sorry for the short notice.


Episode 26 – Invention Origin Enhancements Pt 1

Hot off the heals of our Balticon wrap-up comes an honest-to-goodness new episode! Why, its like Christmas in June! …or an extra Double XP weekend! …yeah, or just another episode 🙂

This week we talk about:



Non-Episode: ITB Balticon 42

I’m dropping in an episode from our other podcast Into The Blender rather than record separate Balticon wrap-ups. Normally on Into The Blender we talk about family life bringing together our kids from previous marriages and all of the chaos that ensues. This one doesn’t have any of that mushy stuff, so don’t worry 🙂

In the episode we mention meeting and interacting with the following awesome people, in quasi alphabetical order. No offense if I left somebody off of the list- please let me know so I can fix it!


Episode 25 – News, moar patches, and faction spotlight (fixed)

Its too late for clever.. here are the patch notes 🙂 It clearly WAS too late for clever last night, as I attached episode 24 again!! So sorry for those who jumped right in and downloaded the new episode, only to find a repeat.

This post has the correct attachment – Episode 25!

This week we discuss

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