Episode 54 – Recent Travel Power Changes

We discuss the major travel power revamps that went live on Homecoming in April 2021. As well as discuss all of the travel power pools.

We announce the Winter Holiday Dev’s Choice Contest Winner for great Architect Entertainment stories.

These include:

  • The WINNER: Murder on 34th Street by @@Charlie
    • Arc ID: 45294
    • Created by: @@Charlie
    • Number of Missions: 3
    • Description: “Santa Claus has been framed for a crime he did not commit. If you don’t help prove his innocence, he’ll be spending Christmas behind bars.”
  • Honorable Mention: The Dance-Off That Saved Christmas
    • Arc ID: 44962
    • Created by: @Clave Dark 5
    • Number of Missions: 3
    • Description: “Lame Christmas schlock ruins TV every year, so why should the AE be any different? Help Santa save Christmas through a series of weak character motivations and underdeveloped plot holes that Harold Angel of the Paragon Times hearkened to as ‘an asinine affront to the holiday spirit!'”
  • Honorable Mention: The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year
    • Arc ID: 45220
    • Created by: @Defeat All Snakes
    • Number of Missions: 3
    • Description: “Grandville is in the middle of an anti-Christmas crackdown. Trees are torn down, gifts confiscated, carolers hit with riot hoses, and none dare resist. None, that is, but a rumor-shadowed figure who seeks those willing to defy Recluses edict — one the villains of the isles call only ‘The Sandman.'”
  • Honorable Mention: I Hate Christmas Music
    • Arc ID: 44913
    • Created by: @Police Woman
    • Number of Missions: 3
    • Description: “‘Tis the season for Christmas music – but that’s simply the worst when you’re a Troll Raver like the Boogie Man. Help the Boogie Man put an end to the scourge that is Christmas music and replace it with something with a more danceable beat.”

We will be streaming the next episode on January 8, 2022 starting at 6pm eastern! The main topic will be an overview of all of the fast travel options now available in the game. From teleports to Tunnels, and mods like Vidiotmaps.

Special thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show. Many of them also stream City of Heroes – check them out!



Episode 53 – Sunset to SCoRE

In this episode we discuss the changes that were made to the game from the time NCSoft shut down the servers (Sunset) to when the secret private servers were revealed to the masses (SCoRE)

You can catch the video archive of this episode on YouTube!

We also discuss:

  • A new Marvel MMORPG is in the works
  • How to transfer your Mid’s build into the beta server
  • Homecoming patch notes from November 30, 2021
  • The Homecoming monthly Dev’s choice awards for exceptional AE missions

Special announcement and call for players;

On Dec 18 Viv will be co-hosting an “Introduction to Incarnate Trials” session, Part 1 w/ drumroll plz our good friend and fellow streamer Dythok! Viv will be reading the text to give context and the full story, and Dythok will lead the trials, share the strategy and show how to successfully complete them.

There are 8 trials total, and Dythok has chosen three to start – Behavior Adjustment Facility, Lambda Sector, and Keyes Island Reactor Trial.

You have to be level 50 to join, be ready to start at 7pm eastern SHARP on December 18th on Homecoming Server, Excelsior shard. For these 3 trials, there is no other requirement. You can join us on Chooch and Viv’s Game Night Discord for more info as plans develop and to sign up in advance.

The goal of these runs is to remove some of the mystery involved and get more folks doing them. Cuz look, I know it’s intimidating. Ppl advertise spots for speedy trials, and there’s baaaaaarely any explanation. They speed on without you knowing WTF is going on and suddenly you’re standing there with (hopefully) a few new badges but no clue why you have them. And I’m not knocking the folks that do that, they should run it in a way that makes them feel sure they’ll be successful. But it can be massively disappointing to feel like end game content is out of your reach.

The main topic for our next episode will be an overview of all of the fast travel options now available in the game. From recent travel power changes, to teleports, Tunnels, and mods like Vidiotmaps.

Special thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show. Many of them also stream City of Heroes – check them out!



Episode 52 – Homecoming Patch Notes

In this episode we discuss Homecoming’s release of Issue 27, Page 3.

In Chooch and Viv news: all of our directory listings have been validated, so now in addition to subscribing directly from the website, or iTunes – all episodes are available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, and iHeart Radio.

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For feedback you can always email us at and now you can reach out on our Discord server!

If you haven’t used Discord, it is a service for text and audio/video group chats which is great for discussions, sharing tips/tricks, and teaming up in the game.

Patch topics covered include

  • Dr. Aeon Strike Force
  • New Difficulty/Challenge Options
  • Challenge Modes
  • New Powersets: Seismic Blast, and Earth Manipulation
  • Power proliferations for Scrappers and Stalkers
  • Revamps to Stone Armor, Electrical Blast, and Dual Blades
  • New IO Sets: Slow Movement and Travel
  • D-Sync Origin Enhancements
  • Taunt enhancement categories are being renamed “Threat Duration Enhancements”
  • New Emotes: Innertubes!!
  • Supergroup Base Changes
  • New Costume Parts
  • Architect Entertainment Incarnate Thread to Ticket conversion
  • …and much more!

Shout outs and mentions from the chat:


Episode 51 – We’re Back

You asked, and we (finally) listened! Chooch and Viv have re-launched the podcast! And updated a bit for the times. We will now be streaming the show live on Twitch!

We have expanded where you can hear/view the show with direct links on our Subscribe page for YouTube, Twitch, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, and Stitcher.

This episode we:

  • Re-introduce ourselves
  • Tell you what we’ve been up to the last couple years
  • Discuss our plans for the future of the podcast
    • Current schedule is to stream fortnightly / bi-weekly / every two weeks, Saturdays starting at 4:00pm eastern on Twitch
    • You can watch after broadcast on our Twitch or YouTube channels
  • Read the latest patch notes for Homecoming
  • Show you how to download and play the game on Homecoming
  • Read very belated feedback…
  • …and gush about how excited we are to be back and really want you to start playing again too!

During the episode we mention these awesome City of Heroes streamers and communities:


Episode 46 – i14: Architect Release + News and Stuff

We are pleased to bring you the i14 patch notes, along with a few announcements and news items!

Here’s the linkage:

Announcement Podcast

Episode 45 – Too Tired For a Title

Well the show notes are a week late, but the audio is the important part, right? Right?? 🙂

In this episode we discuss:

By the way, the pie was epic WIN!


Episode 43 – News, Notes, and IO Sets Part 4

This episode we take a break from XPXPing to bring you some news, patch notes, and the (almost!) final installment of the IO Sets feature.


Clicky to see the full text for Part 4 of Fantastic Foe’s IO Sets feature


Episode 42 – Light News Day

Its been awhile but, honestly, there hasn’t been much news to speak of! But what there is of it is here – along with the feedback that we never posted from Episode 40.

We’ve got over 100 comments still waiting to be recorded, but they’re going to get their own episode 🙂

In this episode we discuss:


Episode 38 – News and Contest Winners

This episode brings news and the announcement of our PPD Hardsuit Contest winners.

This time we discuss:


Episode 35 – News, i13, and IO Sets Feature

Today we have news, details on Issue 13, and Part One of Fantastic Foe’s feature on IO Sets!

In This Episode:

Click through for the full IO Set Feature text

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