Episode 63 – Issue 27, Page 4

In this jumbo sized episode we read the Issue27, Page 4 patch notes for Homecoming. There is also a quick note about the Halloween Event which started October 4th and runs through November 1st. I report that CoH Modder is no more, and Dacy has announced her 2022 Haunted House Halloween Extravaganza!!

Links for things discussed this episode:

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Special Episode 05 – Freespec++

During the regularly schedule maintenance on the morning of Friday, May 30th (starting at 6 AM Pacific and lasting for 2 hours) NCSoft will be running the following grants on the live servers:

  • Free Respec
    This will grant a respec to characters that does not stack with any previous free respecs a character may have. Given this non-stacking nature, if you have a free respec currently, you may want to use it before the grant is run.
  • Free Tailor Token
    This will apply free tailor or facemaker session tokens for each costume slot a character has.
  • Global Chat Handle reset
    All accounts initially start with the ability to change their global chat handle one time. This grant will reset that and allow accounts who had previously changed their global chat handle to do so again. This is a one time chat handle change, so please use it wisely.


Episode 2 – Teaming Strategies

The main topic this episode is teaming strategies. Specifically, what the roles on a team are, and the typical way that these roles are used to most effectively take down the bad guys.

Only two news clips this episode. First, Floyd “Castle” Grubb, the City of Heroes Development Team powers designer, narrates this trailer spotlighting the all-new power sets introduced in Issue 11: “A Stitch in Time.” The video also briefly touches on Issue 11’s new Weapon Customization feature.

Second is information on the Wonder Woman movie being placed on “indefinite hold”.

I play a promo in this episode for the new free podcast novel “Playing For Keeps“. This is a modern day story of super heroes; super villains; and third wave almost-heroes who are stuck in between. The story is written by the ‘grand dame of podcasting’ Mur Lafferty.

Mur currently hosts two podcasts: I Should Be Writing, for aspiring fiction writers, and Geek Fu Action Grip. This is her first novel; though she has been frequently published in role playing games, video games, and short story forms.

I highly encourage you to give it a listen. Mur is a masterful storyteller. And hey, if you subscribe to the “Playing For Keeps Experience” feed, there is a PDF version of each chapter with a picture of a pie on the cover! Pie I say!


Episode 1

Here is the first “real” episode. I think that I’ve solved the problem of the hot “S”es (at least in Episode 0 I heard lots of crackly bits over my FM transmitter in the car). The intro/outro are almost the same, but hopefully the news and main content will have better audio quality.

This is longer than I had anticipated any episode being at just under 38 minutes, but there was lots of news this week.

News in this episode includes:

The main topic this week is terminology. This will be a primer of common terms in the game for new players and set the stage for the weeks to come.

We play our first podcast promo – this one is for Phil Rossi‘s Crescent event.



Episode 0

I am pleased to bring you the first episode of the City of Heroes Podcast! This is a very short introductory episode to tell you a little about me, and what this show is all about.

I would love to hear your feedback! You can directly comment on the site here, or send an e-mail to

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