You can use this page to see if other listeners are currently playing the game and what server they’re on. Thanks to NeuroShayd for the idea!

Here is part of NeuroShayd’s post that explains a little about what this is:

Go there and set up a titan key then download the CGT software…and let it run in the background while you play. Sometimes it errors out due to .Net programming…but it actually continues to work even though it says it is not. Good for badge tracking and levels and stuff as well. I am trying to work with SuckerPunch to fix the .Net errors.

Get me your badge code (through forum PM, e-mail, or comment) if you’d like you’re badge posted here as well.

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  1. Dangerforce: You need to head over to and sign up (if you don’t already have a City Info Tracker account), then go to City Info Terminal. Under “My Account” select “Signature Settings”, select the banner types you like, then copy the code from the bottom of the page.

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