Special Episode 05 – Freespec++

During the regularly schedule maintenance on the morning of Friday, May 30th (starting at 6 AM Pacific and lasting for 2 hours) NCSoft will be running the following grants on the live servers:

  • Free Respec
    This will grant a respec to characters that does not stack with any previous free respecs a character may have. Given this non-stacking nature, if you have a free respec currently, you may want to use it before the grant is run.
  • Free Tailor Token
    This will apply free tailor or facemaker session tokens for each costume slot a character has.
  • Global Chat Handle reset
    All accounts initially start with the ability to change their global chat handle one time. This grant will reset that and allow accounts who had previously changed their global chat handle to do so again. This is a one time chat handle change, so please use it wisely.

Special Episode 02 – Announcements

We have two very special announcements to make:


Special Ep 1 – Issue 12 Announced!

We are in the middle of post production on episode 16, but wanted to record and get this news flash out to you since Issue 12 has been announced! We hope to get episode 16 on the feed in a day or two.

Good hunting heroes!

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