Episode 21 – News, Faction, and Accolade Spotlights

Chooch and Viv are both back this week! Short on the notes as we are finishing preparations for RavenCon this weekend.

In this episode we talk about:

Episode 20 – Feedback!

The plague settles upon our SG Base this week so Viv flies solo while Chooch is incapacitated.

Viv brings to you:

Hero Dawn Bash

Episode 19 – News and Micro Topics

We start out with our usual dash of news from the forums. Rather than one main topic, however, we focus on some of the shorter topics recently suggested in our forums.
We discuss:

Episode 18 – Tour of Villainy

I think we’ve broken our own record again, making this the longest episode. This wasn’t the intention, but I guess we’ll see if everybody who said “longer episodes please!” really meant it 🙂 I promise that this won’t be a habit and future episodes will get back under the hour mark.

This is part two of our guest interview with Rich. There was some very important, last minute news that was added just before we posted though which takes a little time to get through.

In this episode we discuss: