Episode 17 – A Walk on the Red Side

Episode is a bit late… but there was an injury involved, so please don’t debuff us 🙂

This episode is part one of a two part interview with a friend of ours dedicated to villains!

We discuss:

  • Viv’s on drugs
  • News [more complete show notes on actual news items to come]
  • Bab’s sig file link
  • New Gallery software on !
  • New Listener Forums !
  • Go buy Scott Sigler’s Infected on April 1st! Oh, and in case you don’t know if you’d like it, Scott is letting us attach a free PDF version to this episode!! That’s right, the ENTIRE Novel in no-DRM PDF form is in the feed. However, this is a “3 day only” deal, so I will be removing the PDF from the feed on April 1st. Sorry, time is up and I had to remove the file from the post and the server. You can still listen to the book for free on Scott’s site though! I just found out that the limited time was on Random House/Crown’s side — but we are allowed to mirror it indefinitely. So, I’ve put it back up 🙂
  • New feedback phone number (the old one got disconnected because nobody called in 30 days 🙁
  • Interview with Rich
    • What draws Rich to the Rogue Isles
    • CoV contacts strategy
    • Differences between COH and COV
    • Task Forces/Strike Forces
    • Level restricted zones
    • Giant Monsters
    • The villain Archetypes
    • Feelings on the announced villain epic archetypes
    • Player populations between Villains and Heroes
    • Villain player attitudes compared to Hero side
    • Thanks to Rich for helping fund the VEAT 🙂
    • Villain temp powers and accolades
    • Six Paragons
    • Weekend Hero
  • Promos: Chasing the Bard, MetaMor City

Episode 8 – The Winter Horde

We have more news about us, than the game this time around. The devs have been very quiet through the holidays. Since there was so little news, we went ahead and recorded a faction spotlight for this episode.

We discuss:

  • A new intro
  • New equipment in the “studio”
  • A new domain name
  • i12 and i13 speculation
  • Villian Epic Archetype (un)News
  • Planning for the end of the Winter Event
  • A tip to figure out what all of those wrapped inspirations actually are
  • The Winter horde faction spotlight
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