Episode 19 – News and Micro Topics

We start out with our usual dash of news from the forums. Rather than one main topic, however, we focus on some of the shorter topics recently suggested in our forums.
We discuss:

8 replies on “Episode 19 – News and Micro Topics”

Excellent cast again! I also liked the highlights of the villian groups, so you’re not alone Viv.

Great cast, I really do not think you should let go of the faction segments! Viv…control…you must learn control! I think you should let your “tween” do a short on Intro to PvP…get him involved!

Another great show from the Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. of gaming podcasts!

I was a bit afraid when I read you were linking us to BAB’s “acrobatic moves”…I was sure I’d click on some kind of kama sutra sight and have to take a hot poker to my eyes…

I think I will probably opt into the advertising for that extra bit of realism (and you guys should check into it for your side project, Chooch and Viv’s Chicken and Waffle-torium…).

I had the good fortune to play some of the I12 stuff on closed beta last night, and really enjoyed it. I think folks are going to be very happy with some of the new sets and improvements to the game. I combined the new plant and heat sets for a scantily clad heroine I called “Hot Vegetable Dish” (look for her on the regular servers soon!).

Hey, is there any chance of you folks doing a podcast WHILE you’re playing sometime, or is that logistically not possible? (meaning, are you afraid Viv will scream out her usual game-time obscenities as she gleefully mows down gray mobs?).

I can’t wait to meet Hot Vegetable Dish! Re: recording and playing.. We’ve been thinking about recording a live run of the Transcendence Trial. Doing the audio, as well as a demorecord, then syncing them up and releasing that as a vidcast.

Not sure if we’ll do it exactly that way, or audio only.. but its something we’ve been talking about for weeks.

What kind of impact will in game ads have on the game performance. Also isn’t it nice that since these companies can’t put ads in fantasy MMOs then we are the perfect target. The least common denominator will always apply. Its going to be invasive or cost you in the long run. If they want to boil us slowly then offer a rate cut equal to 50% of the new revenue generated by these ads so we can share in the benefit of these ads. I will bet you that these ads will eventually become click able.

Every freakin person should opt out if they can’t share in this.

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