Episode 21 – News, Faction, and Accolade Spotlights

Chooch and Viv are both back this week! Short on the notes as we are finishing preparations for RavenCon this weekend.

In this episode we talk about:

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Another great one, guys!

And thanks for pointing out to folks that I’d certainly never do anything lewd. That’s one of the things I love about you two [censored]. You’ve have the [censored] decency to assume the best about people, rather than some [censored] pieces of human [censored] who have their [censored] so far up their own [censored] that they’re tasting their own [censored] [censored]!

Ahh Themyscira also known as Paradise Island. How do you not know where Wonder Woman lives….plus Viv totally called me a HE. *sniff* I am so disillusioned.

hay guys just a quick hello from the heroes across the pond

me and my friends have just descovered your cast and would love it if you would give a shout out to pexz (pez), sparkx and nitrux x all from union server in the uk

keep up the good work im learning all the time from all yall

o and may the tastey be with you

Yeah! Wb Chooch! We missed you and your awesomeness!

Oh, and thank you both for translating the time zone thingie…I’m not too bright about those kinds of things >.<

Another great one. You know, you may have to slow down a bit, since it’s gonna be getting harder and harder to top yourselves each and every episode, right? I mean, how much better can you get than Awesomely Tasty? I mean, seriously, it’s like you made it from level 1 to 22 in only 5 hours…without a PLer!

Wow…ok, I’m done with my ranting…sorry ^_^;;


Hey y’all good to hear the both of you back in action. Wow, the new video… many choices! I must say also it seems like every single freaking podcasts you guys listen to, I also listen to! By the way….Viv….were you the assassin that flew screaming to her death in Morevi? I know that you mentioned “T” recorded a scream, just wondering if it was yours!

Until later,


Mobile ALABAMA is in the Central timezone 🙂 …not that thats my home city or anything…but hey…you needed one Viv , so there ya go.
GREAT to hear the tween finally making an appearance. Tell him my 5 year old hs a blaster on Infinity and says he can take him in PvP!
GREAT SHOW! Keep em coming…BTW I liked Alchemy as an explanation of the chemistry between you two. I can see why you are so happy together, you infectiously make everyone you share with the same way! Awesomesauce…

Great Cast gang! I’m a little late to the party, but was happy to hear you are both back up and running at nearly 100% again.

I’m horrible at reading all the text when running missions, so it was quite a surprise to hear that those pesky Knives were related to those pesky Malta. (Inflicting) Misery loves company, it would seem.

Here’s a thought: We should get some of your listeners together to team up when the Training Room is available for open beta. That could be some impromtu fun, and perhaps a way for anyone unable to make the May 4th Guardian event.

Another excellest cast! Good to have you back Cooch. I really enjoyed the faction part. I’ve only met the Knives once. Also thanks for the promo for BBTL. I’m a huge BTVS fan and that podcast is very well done. I heartily recommend it to any Joss fan.

I put up a post for the i12 Beta grouping on the Social Stuff portion of the forums for anyone interested.

Great Podcast! I’ve been listening for a while now and I’m always impressed. You guys really are a great team. You play off one another perfectly.

— Could you put the server for the meet up on the front page so we know when and where to meet up for the in game get together?

Yay! I finally caught up on all the COH Podcasts.. well except for that new one, still need to listen to that. Just wanted to say you’re doing a great job. My play style differs from the way you two play but it’s still great to hear new methods. Keep up the great work.

Okay you have upped your cool and awesomesauce meter by like 5million thousand kajillion fafillion points (as if you really needed all those points ;)) but omg I am a Buffy fanatic and so not only did the promo you played point me to that fanfic podcast but you were in it!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
I think I’m falling in love. 😛

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