Episode 20 – Feedback!

The plague settles upon our SG Base this week so Viv flies solo while Chooch is incapacitated.

Viv brings to you:

Hero Dawn Bash

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We love ya, Viv, and you did a great job working without a net (Annette being my pet name for Chooch). It’s pretty amazing how far this podcast has come in a few months, isn’t it? Before you know it, you’ll be telling Joan Rivers “who you’re wearing” as you walk down a red carpet.

Hope you guys are feeling better, though, because we really need the alchemy that the two of you create together (and personally, I need those burgers and cheesecake you mentioned; how about a podcast meet and greet?).

I sure hope you feel better, Chooch. We did miss you this time around, but since you did a few without Viv, it’s ok for her to fly solo a time or two. ^_^

Also, great job, Viv…I worked the 6PM to 2:30AM shift, and your soothing voice helped me stay awake enough to pretend I was doing my job ^_^

Keep up the tasty-work-of-awesomeness!

Happy Hunting!


Thanks, Troy! I definitely agree that it’s not nearly as good (or fun!) without Chooch. I felt like a crazy lady talking to myself, rather than a crazy lady talking to him. 😀

We hadn’t thought of a meet and greet, other than the in-game one. We will be at BaltiCon (Baltimore in May), and will also get to attend a day at RavenCon (Richmond next weekend). We are hoping to also spend a couple of days at DragonCon (Atlanta in August), but that one is super iffy. Sadly, we won’t be toting cheesecake and burgers to any of those…

Viv you did a wonderful job. I’m just ashamed my typo made on the air. I really look forward to the podcast keep up the good work.

OMG you guys have to go to DragonCon! There is supposed to be a CoX party run by Grim who runs the MMO panel. I am going as well please please please come! You should because then I will have more folks to drink….err hang with 🙂

Really?!? We’re really hoping to go, would likely have to leave Sunday morning if we do make it there. Can you send us linkage on the CoX party? We will HAVE to attend that!

Wow guys I really love your podcast and I hope y’all get to feeling better. Been with you from the very beginning, just the first time to ever write a comment. There are probably alot of listeners out there that listen faithfully that don’t get around to comment, but I just had to say I do get a villainous smile when I see a new show come out. Thanks again for much love for the villains-side of the biz! Get better y’all and good hunting!

I have been doing my own podcast for a long time and I started MMO’ing on COH, but then switched to WOW. I am so sick of WOW. I decided to get back into COH and since it had been so long since I played my 37 controller and 26 blaster, I didnt know anything about the game anymore. Your podcast has caught me up to speed and i currently fueling my increasing enjoyment of COH. Take it easy and remember “PODCASTERS UNITE!”

Host of Despair and Videogames

P.S. I will be plugging your podcast in one of my future casts.

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