Episode 41 – i13 Launch

This episode is dedicated to i13 which launched today. We go through the patch notes for this release as well as the currently known bugs. As we finished recording and started editing the CoH servers went down, so there’s a possibility that a NEW new patch will be awaiting in the morning 🙂 Yes, we have this sort of power!

Click through for the full patch notes.


Episode 40 – IO Sets Part 3

We are happy to bring you Episode 40. Well, half of it at least 🙂  As has been the case lately, this went very long, and this 1.5 hour chunk is the first to see the light of day. The second chunk is another hour+ of fluffy feedbacky goodness and will be out as soon as we can prod the edit monkeys back into action. Lazy monkeys…

In this episode we disuss:

Click through for the full IO Set Feature that covers Accuracy bonuses, Damage bonuses, boosting Endurance, boosting Health, and as an odd addition, set IOs that offer Debt Protection


1st Annual Pink and White Homecoming

We recorded this announcement for the show, but it seems that it won’t get released before the event actually happens.. Hope to see you there!

1st Annual Pink and White Homecoming hosted by Virtue’s Justice Girls!

November 14th from 9-11p est.

Location: Virtue Server – Galaxy City at the Freedom Corp Headquarters.
Themes: Pink and White Homecoming Party
Contests: Costume Contests! Best Male, Female, Groups/Couple, Best Bio (costume not required), and a low level Costume Contest for lvls 1-10.
Prizes: Over 100 Million in prizes!
DJ’s and Radio Staff: The Cape’s very own.. DJ Templar will be providing the music!
Details about the event: Its a party! Stop by and say hello. Come hang out and see faces you may not have seen in a long time.

Announcement Production

Disaster Strikes

The good news: Viv and I recorded 3 hours of content for the show! This included news about i13 on test, with some of the coming features, the third installment of Fantastic Foes IO feature, and plenty of feedback.

The bad news: A nemesis plot has been unleashed to stop this content from seeing the light of day. Dark operatives have doused our beloved Macbook with soda rendering it inoperative!!

Our best scientists have the device dismantled and are fastidiously working to save it. Another group of top agents are mounting a data recovery mission. They are attempting to get the harddrive to an extraction point so that the contents can be rendered to a Windows compatible drive so that they can then be edited.

Fear not, fair listeners, the content WILL be saved. How long, however, is a mystery only time will bear out.




Episode 39 – Feedbackapaloosa

We present to you, our new record holder – 3 hours and 12 minutes… It had to be done.. As of the recording time, we were all caught up on feedback. Not so much any more, but close 🙂

Though mostly feedback, in the ep we do present some news up front, and some fluffy surprises along the way!


Episode 38 – News and Contest Winners

This episode brings news and the announcement of our PPD Hardsuit Contest winners.

This time we discuss:


Episode 37 – News and IO Sets Feature Pt 2

Happy Monday and welcome to a  new episode of the COH Podcast!

In this episode we discuss:

  • The Hero Dawn Bash
  • Our one year anniversary is coming up
  • News
  • SI Radio Back Alley Brawler interview
  • Level Cap discussion
  • Additional benefits of attending Hero-Con ’08

Click through for the full IO Set Feature that covers Health Regenerations and Status Effects protection


PPD Hardsuit Contest

Win a PPD Hardsuit Costume Token!

PPD Hardsuit

Enter our random drawing to win a PPD Hardsuit Costume Code from The COH Podcast! These were given out at the NCSoft booth at PAX ’08 and we have acquired extra codes for you to win!

Simply send an email to with ‘PPD Hardsuit Contest’ in the subject line. The deadline is Midnight, September 27, 2008. Drawing on September 28, 2008 and the winners will be notified via email after announcement on the episode is made. We are asking that entries come from those over 18 years of age.

Note: This costume token grants a costume toggle – not simply tailor options. The toggle is a permanent power that will be available to all of your characters! While the suit doesn’t grant any additional powers, it is way cool looking 🙂


Episode 36 – Feedback

We are pleased to bring you the latest feedback including e-mails, comments, and iTunes reviews!


Episode 35 – News, i13, and IO Sets Feature

Today we have news, details on Issue 13, and Part One of Fantastic Foe’s feature on IO Sets!

In This Episode:

Click through for the full IO Set Feature text

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