Episode 43 – News, Notes, and IO Sets Part 4

This episode we take a break from XPXPing to bring you some news, patch notes, and the (almost!) final installment of the IO Sets feature.


Clicky to see the full text for Part 4 of Fantastic Foe’s IO Sets feature


Episode 40 – IO Sets Part 3

We are happy to bring you Episode 40. Well, half of it at least 🙂  As has been the case lately, this went very long, and this 1.5 hour chunk is the first to see the light of day. The second chunk is another hour+ of fluffy feedbacky goodness and will be out as soon as we can prod the edit monkeys back into action. Lazy monkeys…

In this episode we disuss:

Click through for the full IO Set Feature that covers Accuracy bonuses, Damage bonuses, boosting Endurance, boosting Health, and as an odd addition, set IOs that offer Debt Protection


Episode 37 – News and IO Sets Feature Pt 2

Happy Monday and welcome to a  new episode of the COH Podcast!

In this episode we discuss:

  • The Hero Dawn Bash
  • Our one year anniversary is coming up
  • News
  • SI Radio Back Alley Brawler interview
  • Level Cap discussion
  • Additional benefits of attending Hero-Con ’08

Click through for the full IO Set Feature that covers Health Regenerations and Status Effects protection


Episode 35 – News, i13, and IO Sets Feature

Today we have news, details on Issue 13, and Part One of Fantastic Foe’s feature on IO Sets!

In This Episode:

Click through for the full IO Set Feature text

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