Episode 42 – Light News Day

Its been awhile but, honestly, there hasn’t been much news to speak of! But what there is of it is here – along with the feedback that we never posted from Episode 40.

We’ve got over 100 comments still waiting to be recorded, but they’re going to get their own episode 🙂

In this episode we discuss:

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Yay new – wait? Really? Do you guys camp out in front of the box office to get first dibs or something!?

I will defeat you… mark my words…

Someone wants you to add bed music to the cast? Like ‘bow CHIKA bow-WOW’? Or does that mean something different?
Anyhoo – great cast and happy new year everyone.

Can’t wait to listen to the new cast, but as punishment for making me wait I will now say your names backwards, Chooch is now Chooch and Viv is now Viv!! 😀
jk, jk 😀

Eww… did anyone here Chooch swallow at 43:19? I heard slushing water, please tell me you were drinking water and don’t have an overactive saliva gland @_@

Da Mastermind, you clown. Chooch backwards is Hcoohc, which can only be prounounced by the RULAAAAAAAAAAAARRRUUUUU!

Double xp weekend? Meh. I get a 50% xp bonus all the time anyway thanks to patrol xp. An additional 50% for a weekend isn’t a big deal. Or is that how it will work? If you have blue dots and do something that earns you 100xp will you get 200xp? 250xp? 300xp?

Zloth is full of win? Zloth is awesome? OK, you two are in trouble. My head just got so big that I broke my glasses! (Translation: thanks!!)

I remember reading somewhere that double xp will not stack with patrol xp bonuses…but i could be remembering wrong, which i’m apt to do.

You did read that somewhere. I read it too, on the release notes I think. There will be no “quad” xp.

However….remember, double xp also mean double inf.

Followed up by a debt wipe perhaps??? Not that I’ve ever racked up enough debt to need a wipe…how is that done exactly anyway?

That Criswell sure goes on and on and on about nothing of consequence. Maybe you could edit or cut those comments? Gah!

Not enough debt to need a wipe?…but if you don’t have debt, then how can you hope to obtain the debt badges?

Hey Zloth, they count toward my total, so I will wear my Undying badge proudly, thank you very much. (Not that I’m going out of my way to collect more of the darn things.) And yes, the Patrol Bonus should protect you from the debt during the 2XP weekend, which means you can take OUTRAGEOUS risks in pursuit of XP and not suffer even the least bit of setback, other than the time a trip to the hospital will take you.

I’d also like to say that I generally support Viv’s style of character creation. All my characters have stories and concepts. I will admit that some of them haven’t gotten past level 10 because theory works better than practice on certain “wouldn’t that be cool” builds. For the most part (About 80%)they work out fine and, most improtantly, I enjoy playing them more because they make internal sense to me. They are not just a collection of powers, as it seems many of the “toons” I run into in PUGs are. So I endorse “Playing with Character!” and whatever you do enjoy the game.

Actually, that’s a bug CameraGuy, they are supposed to subtract one from your total. Posi said he would fix it in Issue 14. The badge boards are… a bit hot right now.

(And yes, I’m kidding. I owe a couple of folks for messing with my mind last April. 😉

I have a bunch of thoughts about the podcast, I was looking for interesting podcasts on iTunes, and found this one, having been a 3 year vet of CoH with my partner. Recently, we considered doing a CoH podcast/radio show complete with music, but mostly focusing on RP and Virtue specifically, but we know now “what not to do” – not because its bad, but because you guys do it so well.

We used to do radio shows that were very popular for a while on Second Life, and miss that, but the time needed was pretty immense.

I have lots of other things to say Re: Khelds (my favorite toon is a 50 WS, and I also have a 50 PB), Character Creation (as an RPer, I always build toons off storylines), Archetype Combos (its hard to do it without talking about FoTM types), Gay Characters (all my characters are lesbian or bisexual, as is myself), and just how fun you guys are in general.

Peace all! – if you do take a hiatus, Blaize and I would certainly pitch in and do one time to time 🙂

(Virtue, Sapphite League/Institute, Paxil Zap/Felicia Paxil Zap.)

Welcome to the comment section, Pax, glad to see that a Kheldian is a favorite of yours. I have a 50 human form peacebringer that was probably my best character to play once I got the hang of how to play him.

Occasionally I’ll see a suggestion on this forum asking Chooch and Viv for a feature on role playing in general, don’t be afraid to write something up and submit it.

Best regards,

Pat, aka Fantastic Foe

I loved the list of odd things about Paragon City like why the elevators only cover 2 floors.

I wonder why, when you get your cape, you go the Hero’s Memorial and it is in a cave?! Why would they make a memorial to fallen heroes in a cave? Can’t they show some respect, maybe take a little money from the City Representative’s salary. City hall is nice. And those statues all over town don’t come cheap…

So, now, Viv says, “I wanna be in space!” Well, let me give you a real space taste then. This is “CLEAR SKIES” a player made video with space scenes from EVE and interiors and characters from HALF LIFE 2. Although it is in a foreign language (Australian) and has a lot of EVE jargon, I think most will still get the gist of the story. I don’t know if this accepts links, but you can cut/paste to make it work. Enjoy CLEAR SKIES.

hi all its pexz (pez)you got it right first time
yet another stonkin podcast and yes it is a good thing its a very old positive from back in the days of tally ho and pip pip
im very happy to know i introduced a new word to your vocab hope you have fun using it to confuse ppl

keep up the good work C & V

One last comment on EVE (until the next one). EVE Online’s official paid economist is Dr. Eyjólfur Guðmundsson (unpronounceable outside of Iceland) but his RED NAME is CCP Dr EyjoG (Most people say “ee jog”). Criswell can neither confirm nor refute Chooch’s comment about Dr EyjoG being necessary because the EVE economy worked rather poorly.

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