Episode 38 – News and Contest Winners

This episode brings news and the announcement of our PPD Hardsuit Contest winners.

This time we discuss:

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First off, Thank you Chooch and Viv for such a great episode.

Next, congrats to all the winners. Can’t wait to see you all fighting alongside the Paragon’s Boys(and Girls) in blue.

Lastly, Amazing coverage of the new issues. I’m so happy to hear you guys talk about it, so I can figure out how I feel about all the changes. Feedback can always take a back seat to real news.

-Brian K.

I’ll second Brian, I always look forward to a podcast covering any recent Dev announcements.


I can help you guys out with the Self-Destruct mechanics 🙂

I noticed without reading the post that I was killed in less than 10secs after the self-destruction was activated and it still did damage. You are unselectable after using this power, I watched someone use it today and went to rez them or hand them a wakie, they are invisible so you can’t click them, and you can’t click their name in the teamwindow, it selects really quick them auto-deselects before anything can be done (milliseconds, but it does select). Inspirations can still rez you, your body rematerialized and you execute the standard ‘wakie dizzy stand up’ animation. You still get the standard “Dead” window after you’re “officially” dead, with the “go to hospital”, “go to base” options.

Hopefully this helps, I’m hoping it has some extra information that you can still use if you have gotten the cyborg pack by the time I’ve posted this.

Psychic Guardian ~(*_*)~
Psychic Zappy Face 🙂

Yay new cast! Boo, I haven’t heard it yet! I’ll clear something above on the self-destruct. According to the devs, as soon as you hit the power, you are dead. You could hit a rez right then if you wanted. This is why the power is uninterruptable and why mobs should ignore you once the countdown starts. To the system, you are already flagged dead. All of the to-hit calcs and damage are done at activation so even if a mob runs off during the countdown, it still gets (potentially) hit. All the damage and other stuff is held in suspension for the duration of the countdown. At the end, you go boom and you and all hit mobs take damage. If you have rezzed during the countdown, you die again from the self damage since it WILL kill you. When you go boom, your body is ‘removed’ and you become untargetable. Only a self rez or hospital/base trip will get you back on your feet. It should be noted that the devs consider self rez powers and inspirations working then a bug. A low-priority bug but a bug all the same. The intent is to require a hospital/base trip when you self-destruct.

Thanks for another great cast Chooch and Viv. I always enjoy hearing the news and your takes on it. I know it’s a lot of hard work for you both and you have my heart felt thanks.

To further the Self-Destruct comments, I have used the power not only as an extra base teleport (although I have also used it in the Shard to teleport to FBZ’s hospital) and I have used it as a way to avoid debt.

I was being swarmed by Rulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaruu brutes, which is usually okay, but the Watchers with the brutes had debuffed my defense, so my Invincibility was not protecting me as normal, and Invulnerable resistances are only so big. I was about to die, hit self destruct, exploded and ended up in FBZ hospital with no debt and a few of the Rulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaruu down.

Yay! another eppie! ^_^ *bounces around happily as she listens to the podcast*

Thanks for giving the chance to win the costume power :3 While I’m disappointed I haven’t won (because I don’t live in the US, my only chances are the generosity of others *glomps Chooch and Viv*), but I am happy for the winners :3

Hey hey! Just finished the podcast. And now I’m crying…

Curse Viv’s sympathetically emotive voice!

Thanks for the details on -range on Taunt, I had not heard of this…

Maybe more of my tanks will take taunt…

YAY!!!! I was one of the winners!!! Just wanted to thank our wonderful hosts in public. I cant wait to get to work tomorrow and check my email there to see if I have my code (I think i sent my entry from work).

and yes, I get the “Missster Anderson” probably at least once a day. I am a lawyer, and have even gotten it from judges when they notice my name. But I dont mind at all (hey….I could be named a lot worse, like one of those apostrophe’d Rikti names–J’hn N’drsi’n? hmmmm)

Nod, don’t pout! If you keep it up, I will have to find you in-game and arrest you (in my new PPD hardsuit of course!!!)

YAY ! first time I win anything on any web contest :p
Thanks a lot guys.
I did reply to Chooch and Viv email but still waiting for the code… Is it normal? Should I worry? Should I push self destruct button? 11001100011010111100

Hum… thanks again.

Yay New Cast!!

Woot!! Podcast unlocked final secondary power!!
/em dance6 😀

Btw, I would like to add that I am now an organ doner and go by the same thing Viv had said. When I’m done using them, it’s selfish to keep them for myself when I don’t even need them anymore and someone else beeds them.

Btw, Chooch I gots another Question for ya!!

I had gotten 2 level 50’s one hero (Illusion/radation/psychic Mastery Conroller) and one villain (Robotics/Traps/Mace Mastery Mastermind, I likes AV soloing builds, can you tell?) Now I rarely get on them (except to pay a random stranger to transfer infamy/influence to my stone/stone tanker, Thugs/Dark Mastemrind, Soon to be Bane etc…) because I no longer have that sense of accomplishment XP getting earns. Chooch, how do you deal with this??

On another note…

I13 AND I14!! ZOMG WOOT!! Can’t wait for Patron Respec, multi builds, and the rest!!

/Bind h em dance

/Presses H over and over again to dance like a player who just died cause of stOOpid sapper and EM stalker 😀

OMG! One month now without the net, after post hurricane downages! Stolen someones computer to write this….still haven’t listened to to the last two shows…but I’m sure they are great as always! Hey all and hope to be back soon! Crap the cops are coming! Late

While I am very much looking forward to the “mission architect”, I am very happy they are holding it back until they have the ability to craft your own Bosses and Arch Villains.

The storyline I most wish to craft into a group of missions that others could play has to do with my level 50 Scrapper’s background and family, which would be difficult to do without the ability to create both her half-sister (Who I have as a character on the Red-side) and mother as the final encounters in missions three and four. I’m hoping you are going to be able to determine how a “kidnapping victim” (In this case her father) looks as well, but this is somewhat less important.

I eagerly await more information on the day-jobs, particularly all the new costume pieces. More costumes! Yay!!!

As always, good cast even if it’s shorter than normal. Some of the Vooch is better than no Chiv.

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