Episode 42 – Light News Day

Its been awhile but, honestly, there hasn’t been much news to speak of! But what there is of it is here – along with the feedback that we never posted from Episode 40.

We’ve got over 100 comments still waiting to be recorded, but they’re going to get their own episode 🙂

In this episode we discuss:


Episode 36 – Feedback

We are pleased to bring you the latest feedback including e-mails, comments, and iTunes reviews!


Episode 29, Pt 2: My Knupples Hurt!

Here is part 2 of Episode 29. No intros, no news, we jump right into the feedback!

  • Voicemails
  • E-mails
  • Comments
  • iTunes Review
  • Much talk of knupples.. and knuckles.. and for that matter, nipples..

Episode 10 – News in Double Digits

This week we bring a Newscast with lots of forumy goodness. Then we get caught up with comments and voicemails!

  • The 2008 State of the Game
  • The “City Vault”
  • The next double XP weekend and server hardware improvements
  • Valentine’s Day event
  • Smoothing the XP curve
  • “Real Numbers”
  • City of Heroes Fanzine
  • Fanzine Submission Webpage
  • Changes to Moment of Glory coming
  • In-game mail spam
  • feedback
  • Promo: Playing for Keeps
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