Episode 37 – News and IO Sets Feature Pt 2

Happy Monday and welcome to a  new episode of the COH Podcast!

In this episode we discuss:

  • The Hero Dawn Bash
  • Our one year anniversary is coming up
  • News
  • SI Radio Back Alley Brawler interview
  • Level Cap discussion
  • Additional benefits of attending Hero-Con ’08

Click through for the full IO Set Feature that covers Health Regenerations and Status Effects protection

IO Sets by Fantastic Foe – Part 2

This part will focus on Health Regeneration, and Status Effect protection

Regeneration Rate

The following IO sets provide boosts to the rate in which your character naturally regenerates hit points. Most require only 2 set IOs in a power, a handful require more, and I list them in order of least required to highest. I must point out that many of the sets that offer regeneration as a bonus are not large sets, I mean the entire set is less than six IOs. Depending on the set, it might be more expensive or difficult getting two IOs out of a 3 IO set, then any two IOs from a 6 IO set.

For comparison
Unenhanced Fitness: Health yields +40% regeneration
Unenhanced Regeneration: Fast Healing yields +75% regeneration

Sets requiring two IOs for +regen bonuses:PBAOE: Scirocco’s Dervish +10% regen
Ranged: Volley Fire +4%
Ranged: Entropic Chaos +10%    [any 2 IOs from 3 available]
Ranged: Devastation +12%    [2/5]
Sniper: Sting of the Manticore +12%
Pet: Brilliant Leadership +4%
Heal: Triage +4%    [2/4]
Heal: Numina’s Convalescence +12%
Defense: Serendipity +4%
Defense: Luck of the Gambler +10%
Confuse: Perplex +6%
Stun: Rope a Dope +6%
Flight: Freebird +8% [2/3]
Teleport: Jaunt +4% [2/3]
Teleport: Time and Space Manip. +8% [2/3]
Taunt: Annoyance +4% [2/3]

The following IOs require 3 set pieces for +regen bonuses
Taunt: Perfect Zinger +10%
End. Modification: Energy Manipulator +6%  [3/3 a complete set required…]
To Hit Buff: Rectified Reticle +6%   [3/3 a complete set required…]

The following IOs require 4 set pieces
Knockback: Force Feedback +10%
End. Modification: Efficacy Adaptor +10%
Defense Debuff: Touch of Lady Gray +8%

IO requiring 5 set pieces:
Knockback: Kinetic Crash +6%

But that’s not all. There are two IO sets that offer +regen and that only require 2 pieces, but that are the ultra-rare purple variety that are only available as a level 50 recipe and have the Unique constraint. They are:
Ranged:Apocalypse +16%
Pet: Soulbound Allegiance +16%

Now, I haven’t tried to build a character with a focus on +regen via set IO bonuses, but it looks to me like you could get some hefty percentages. There are several sets offering bonuses between 8-12%, and with stacking , that adds up quick. I would not be surprised if someone could get around 100% boost, doubling their natural regen rate. But that is just my wild a$$ uninformed guess.
Status Effects

“Status Effects” are the types of powers that do not do damage, but change the status of your character. Sleep, Stun, Hold, Confuse, Slow, are all status effects.

For comparison
Sleep Resistance: Unenhanced Fitness Pool:Health gives a 40% resistance to sleep (meaning it reduces sleep duration by 40%)

I believe that the above numbers are fixed, regardless of your level. CONFUSEMost of the Confuse Resistance bonus sets require 3 set pieces and as we’ll see as a trend in mez protection, offer very small bonuses.

The following IO set requires 2 pieces:
To Hit Debuff: Discouraging Words +1.65%    [any 2 from 3 available]

The following IO sets require 3 pieces
Melee:Focussed Smite +1.65%    [any 3 from 5 available}
Ranged: Entropic Chaos +2.75%    [3/5]
Pet: Sovereign Right +2.75%
Heal: Harmonized Healing +1.65%
Defense: Kismet +1.65%    [3/5]
Hold: Essence of Curare +1.65%

We’re harmed in some ways by the values of most of the bonuses, since the stacking limit will hit fast. I think when slotting out my Peacebringer, I casually got around 10% reduction in confuse duration.


The following IO sets provide bonuses reducing the during of fear/terrorize effects on a character. The sets below require any 2 pieces from a set.
Ranged: Far Strike +1.1%    [ any 2 from 3 available ]
Ranged: Ruin +1.65%    [2/5]
Heal: Doctored Wounds +2.2%
Hold: Essence of Curare +1.65%
Taunt: Perfect Zinger +2.75%

This set requires 3 IO pieces:
Knockback: Force Feedback +2.75%

This is a small collection to work from. Empathy/Energy defenders might be able to rack up some benefits though. In my experience, Fear is rare, but I don’t PVP, so what do I know? I do remember being terrorized by an AV during a Peregrine Island safeguard. My invul tank was very angry at that. Smash! Smash puny AV!


None of the sets below require more than 2 pieces from any set, Immobilization resistance comes rather cheaply then.
Melee: Bonesnap +1.1%    [any 2 from 3 available]
Melee: Smashing Haymaker +2.2%    [2/4]
Melee: Kinetic Combat +2.75%    [2/5]
Melee:Focussed Smite +1.65%    [2/5]
Melee: Touch of Death +2.75%
Melee: Crushing Impact +2.2%
Melee: Mako’s Bite +3.3%
Ranged Damage: Decimation +2.75%
Pet: Unquestioning Loyalty +1.1%
Resist Damage: Reactive Armor +1.1%
Def: Red Fortune +2.2%
Slow: Curtail Speed +1.1%    [2/5]
Slow: Impeded Swiftness +2.2%
Hold: Neuronic Shutdown +2.2%
Running: Quickfoot +1.1% [2/3]
Running: Celerity +2.2% [2/3]

It seems interesting to me that the archetypes more likely to rack up large immobilization resistance bonuses, scrappers and tankers (due to the melee focus), are the ones who largely don’t need it due to immobilization protection powers in their sets. Just saying…

SLEEP Resistance

IO set Sleep bonuses, like Immobilization bonuses, are available from 2-slotting sets (with one exception that actually applies to all the anti-mez sets, I’ll get to that at the end…)
Melee: Pulverizing Fisticuffs +2.2%    [any 2 from 3 available]
PBAOE: Multi Strike +1.65%
Ranged: Salvo +2.2    [2/3]
Ranged: Tempest +2.2    [2/4]
Targeted AOE: Detonation +1.65%
Pet: Sovereign Right +2.75%
Resist Damage: Impervious Skin +2.2%    [2/5]
Resist Damage: Titanium Coating +2.2%
Slow: Pacing of the Turtle +2.75%

There is enough variety among the values and enough different sets that offer easy slotting for +sleep resistance, that a healthy percentage can be produced. But it some ways, it doesn’t seem worth it. Usually, when a character gets slept, they get woken up by an attack before the sleep wears off. Mind Controllers, back me up on this…

Now, all of the above mez resistance bonuses can be helped by two sets that offer general anti-mez resistance, at the cost of requiring 6 set pieces:
To Hit Buff: Adjusted Targeting +7.5 status effect resistance
To Hit Debuff: Dampened Spirits +7.5% status effect resistance

Those are heavy duty benefits, and in theory stackable. Good luck affording them, since to get all 6, you need to buy the expensive
+Recharge IO.

The next part will focus on Accuracy bonuses, Damage bonuses, boosting Endurance, boosting Health, and as an odd addition, set IOs that offer Debt Protection

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Since Nod has apparently nodded off, I declare this to actually be the second comment, in case he notices and posts his signature heralding of the nouveau cast.

Can’t wait to listen to the podcast. (Well, actually I have to wait as I’m going to bed, and will be listening as I go to work. Great, now I can’t wait to head to work…)

Best regards,

Pat aka Fantastic Foe

Base layouts have caused me many, MANY hours of frustration. Once you get the right layout, you feel like a mad genius once your SG mates start complimenting you on how easy it is to “use the base.”

PPD Suit is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, WANTS IT, precious, NEEDS IT.

I’m looking forward to the merits system thing. Since I usually play at odd times and end up soloing quite a bit, it will be helpful for me to get the recipes and IOs I want.

I am glad the level cap is not going to be raised any time soon. I still have 40+ alts that need to get to 50, heh. I could not agree more with Chooch about level cap raises killing interest long-term in other games.

HeroCon closed beta invites. This type of thing is quickly becoming more and more a source of contention. I don’t have any ideas to fix it, mind you, but I wish that something could be done.

I’m really liking the IO discussion. Very well done, Pat, well done indeed.

This episode clocks in a lot shorter than I’m used too. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I was just used to hearing the dulcet tones of Vooch going on for nearly an hour.
Still, a good cast. It starts with whipping out “pets” and ends with a “happy ending” …

Uhhh, is anyone else hearing thumping at about 4:50 to 5:30? I thought somebody was thumping on something outside my house, but it seems to be part of the cast. I think? Argh! You two are spooking me out!! 😉

Regarding more powers past 50… I’m not so sure about that. Even when I’m in the 40s I tend to neglect powers pretty often. They are powers I really could and should be using, it’s just that I have so many powers already that I forget about them. It’s just too many powers to keep in my head at once! Adding more would make that worse.

Hmmmm… good vivisections villains? Nah. Wait a minute, where’s that thesaurus… YES! Good venatic villains! Oh wait, venatic is an adjective. Ah, but it has a Latin root! “Venatus” is Latin for hunt. Good venatus villains!

Yay! New Cast!

Yay, new cyborg pack out today too!

Boo! No power at home due to hurricane. 5 days and counting.

Yay! Power & Interwebs at work!

Boo! NCSoft main page blocked at work so I can’t buy Cyborg Pack early.

Yay! New Cast!

Thanks for the details on the BaB interview, I always mean to read/listen to those, and it slips my mind. Its nice to have you guys to collect and distribute.

Interesting comments on level 50 and powers. For myself, I wouldn’t necessarily want more powers as part of a new pool, or an extension of my character’s primaries and secondaries, I’d rather that more temp powers be available for crafting, than just the gun, bat, hammer, and magic ghost power. (One of those things is not like the others…)

Thanks for posting part 2. Now I just have to get the influence to pimp up my guys to the high levels are regen I want.

I’ve always thought a good way move characters beyond level 50 is to create a new city, on the west coast, with new challenges and villians. Of course that would be like creating a new game but I think we’re worth it. I always liked “Reek Havoc” for the villian side send off.

Thanks for the new podcast, I really enjoyed the info. Sorry my voicemail was so short but I got shy at the last second. ‘Nuff Said

WOOT!! New Cast!!

After finally finding out where to post comments (after about of looking through the forums @_@) I have lots to say but thinks I’ll say just one 4 now.

Chooch where are you getting all this info for like finding out about new games for things like Champions Online and stuff cause I had never heard of it till I heard of it in Coh Podcast.

and again since I have not been able to post comments since before episode 20 when I started listening I just want to say this…


-Da Mastermind

Actually, one great place to get info now is the official City of Heroes forums under Comic Culture. ShoNuff and friends will make sure you are up to date on all things geeky.

One thing worth noting is that the Mez Resist set bonuses are truly right about worthless. I never slot for them and pretty much ignore them when evaluating a set. Mentally, a mez resist bonus at a given tier equates to “no bonus” for me. The reason is as follows:
(From the Wiki)
“Resistance to status effects follows a different formula:

SufferedDuration = AppliedDuration / (100% + TotalResistance)
So 75% resistance to Sleep duration, for example, would not cause all Sleeps to affect the character for only 1/4 of their normal durations. Their durations would be divided by 1.75, which is roughly only a 43% reduction.

More importantly, the formula means that achieving 100% or more resistance to effect durations does not cause them to end instantly. 100% resistance actually only cuts their durations in half. That is currently the best reduction that can be achieved due to maximums on mez resistance. If higher values were possible, 200% would cut it to a third, 300% would cut it to a fourth, and so on.”

So really, those piddly little set bonuses amount to shaving perhaps as much as a second off of your time being mezzed. Stack a few of them and maybe you start to shave a couple seconds but you’d have to really work at it to make a meaningful difference. You’re better off finding a buddy who can buff you with clear mind or some such and avoiding the effect altogether.

Great CAST!!!
YAY!!I’m 12th to comment…
Obviously the NUP-bliminal advertising worked…I have distanced myself from the iTunes Monkey once and for all…I now utilize Juice to feed my iPod client. I have not since missed hte melodic MUSE-ings of my Tasty-ist co-host Viv…nor the oft overlooked but wily witty remarks of the Choochinator (Choochy choochy choo—INDEED!)
I missed you guys for being gone so long and wanted to let you know I was still listening and loving it!! Keep em coming!

Nupple-fied Neuroshayd

p.s. – I loved the meetup…do again?


I feel you are right about the worth of the mez bonuses, although I’d have to verify the formula using real numbers.

I seem to recall my Peacebringer had 10% sleep reduction, and the Combat Attributes readout indicated I would be affected by 90% of a sleep duration.

Mez bonuses really are only icing on a cake of empowerment buffs and anti mez powers like Health, Aid Self (proactively used) and some of the leadership powers. And they pale to breakfrees and defender/controller granted mez protections.

Thanks for the comments, RB.

Me wants PVP zone meet up, nothing funner than Assasin’s Striking or being Assasinated

PvP zones would also work because Guardian villains could also join, perhaps around one of the meteors, do a shivans hunt, get some shivans? That would be awesome, all you need to do is my 15 😀

-Da Mastermind

RB, yeah, the only real use for those I can think of is in a PVP duel between similar characters. If you each mez each other at the same time and you both have the mez time maximized, having those mez resists could wake you up a second or two before your opponent.

Remember that formula is used a lot in the game. Having 100% recharge reduction doesn’t mean the power recharges instantly. Having 110% endurance reduction doesn’t mean you get endurace back every time you use the power. Make sure you keep an eye on your power details when you slot enhancers like that because your returns diminish very quickly.

Reality Bytes is absolutely correct on the formula

Duration suffered = 100/100+resistance

My PB has 9.9% stun resistance due to IO bonuses.

Combat numbers lists stun durations at 90.99 as opposed to 90.1. That’s not that far off.

But when I fire up Aid Self, which grants a +55.5% stun resistance, the duration is now 60.83%, as opposed to what you might naively expect, 35.1%

Now, being stunned only 6 seconds out of 10 is not *too* bad, but it does make the small percentages in the IO bonuses for mez resist seem even less useful. If I had not slotted for that 9.9% stun resist, Aid Self alone would have still dropped the duration to around 65%, in my 10 second stun example, I shaved half a second off. It’s up to each person’s personal experience if the half second is worth it or not.

Save your influence for the Mez Protection IOs…

Maybe a new feature could be what special IOs there are, the Proc’s and so forth…

The formula in the wiki came from a big discussion I recall seeing in the forums when the IO sets and particularly those special mez resist IOs came out. People saw what they could do and were looking for alternate ways to reduce or eliminate mez for squishies without getting a buff, breakfree, etc that would grant mez protection. People assumed that if you could somehow get 100% protection through IOs, that it would make you un-mezzable. The devs squashed that dream and I think they are actually the ones who revealed the formula and the limits on mez resistance.

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