1st Annual Pink and White Homecoming

We recorded this announcement for the show, but it seems that it won’t get released before the event actually happens.. Hope to see you there!

1st Annual Pink and White Homecoming hosted by Virtue’s Justice Girls!

November 14th from 9-11p est.

Location: Virtue Server – Galaxy City at the Freedom Corp Headquarters.
Themes: Pink and White Homecoming Party
Contests: Costume Contests! Best Male, Female, Groups/Couple, Best Bio (costume not required), and a low level Costume Contest for lvls 1-10.
Prizes: Over 100 Million in prizes!
DJ’s and Radio Staff: The Cape’s very own.. DJ Templar will be providing the music!
Details about the event: Its a party! Stop by and say hello. Come hang out and see faces you may not have seen in a long time.

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Thanks for putting this up Vooch. The party is on Virtue. Pink and white is not required to attend but feel free to come up with something that fits the theme if you want to. I believe we are up to over 150 mil in prizes. We’re working on a PvP event as well. Come party with the Justice Girls!

/me wishes there were a feature to copy a costume from another character on another server. That way, I could start with “Bride Of Criswell” as a base, instead of going over every costume option every time.

I don’t know if I can make it but I’ll place a character there just in case. If not I’ll be there with you in spirit.

Haha, really funny

I downloaded the 3 minute podcast and went through the whole thing hearing really messed up CoH theme music and eventually barely heard ViV in the background, I was all “Yay New Sound Effects Cast :Confused:”
Then I realised my headphones were not plugged in all the way. I could have sworn my Ipod was saying “User Error, you stoopid human :P”
Anyway thanks for the info, I don’t play on jsutice but will try to be there πŸ˜€

We’ve added a couple more things to the mix for the party:

“We will also be holding PvP Tournament. One we like to call β€˜Pink N Paintball’. This will be a 3v3 team event made up of Blasters Levels 1-5 ONLY. Most Kills in 10 min wins. Its simple easy and we found it to be a lot of fun!

We are also going to reward the Best ‘Put Together’ (Uniforms/Team Name) 3v3 Team with a prize!

Door prizes are also being given out at random.”

Haven’t pvp’d in forever but I helped test this out and it was super fun. I’ll be attending with my character Plutonium Blonde – give me a shoutout if you make it. See you tonight!

Criswell Lurve had a great time at the party. She did not win any of the contest prizes, but some generous toon somehow snuck a mystery gift into her powers tray. DJ Templar of The Cape Radio kept the party going with great dance music, and Bubblegum Bomb asked trivia questions. Just because there were Rikti invasions during the party, this did not dampen the mood. The Justice Girls’ door guards made sure that no Rikti would be allowed in, unless it had an invitation, and was dressed mostly in pink and white.

We were expecting a certain Knupple Couple to come by, but sometimes there are more important things in real life than virtual avatar parties.

The Ghost Of Mrs Muir was in attendance, but this reporter did not recognize the name until this comment was written.

Was there desigued as a pink cat man (Rose Leopard). (meow)Still wondering if anybody got my toon’s pun on a certain 1960’s cartoon… oh well that toon is gonna retire after his night of hard partying. (meow)

Yep!! I was also tied for first place for amount of single player kills… but apparently it goes by teams and my team kept dieing :D.

<— first ever in-game social event πŸ˜€

Criswell also though I was 2 second troy when I first logged in and psted him.

2 Second Troy… where si that dude anyway?

Yes, Da Mastermind’s Hero toon asked me to guess who he/she and the only name that poped into my head was “Two Second Troy” completely missing that Two Second Troy was already at the party as “The Ghost of Mrs Muir”. Yes, Rose Leopard, I did see you there too. Where is T-S-T? He’d BETTER be writing more Twilight Guardian episodes.

Big thank you to everyone who came out and helped make our first event a success. So who’s throwing the next party?

I was there and participated in EVERYTHING except the female CC (Didn’t think to have a second character available until after the fact.) as Junkyard Hero. I didn’t know that was you Mastermind. Sorry for being so squishy, guess we should have stuck together better for cover-fire. It was still fun.

And I took 3rd Place in the Lowbie (Lvl 1-10) CC, which was very cool.

Loved the music, had fun dancing the night away (In character) and even though it ran long I still wish it had kept going. A great party and I look forward to the next one. I figure eventually I’ll have characters on all the servers if this keeps up. πŸ™‚

And yes Chef, I liked your bulked out Pink Panther outfit. It took me a couple minutes to get it, but very cool.

I was there! I tried to talk to you a few times, Criswell, but was unable to get your attention. I logged in a few minutes late, and stayed for over an hour. I had to log to get some editing done.

It was an awesome event, was great to see everyone!

Sorry I missed both of you, Viv and Camera Guy – just too many characters and avvies to keep track of. Now, who was it that gave me that mystery gift? Was it you, Viv?

Criswell – it was probably a Justice Girl. We were handing out door prizes.

Camera Guy – congratulations on the CC. I loved Junkyard Hero, didn’t realize it was you though.

Skye Rocket, thanks for the nod and it proves the CC was unbiased, right?

I’m sorry I missed Viv (And Chooch?). Who were you? At the time I figured you guys were “Butter” and “Scotch” that were in the Couples CC. It seems like Chooch’s sense of humor. Am I right or am I talking out of the busted speaker on my scavenged helmet? (I haven’t gotten in the habit of checking globals yet.)

I just added a couple of pictures I took at the party to the “Heroes” section in the gallery. Sorry I didn’t take more (Not something I usually do in CoH), but hopefully there will be other people who did.

OK, now when is episode 40 going to come out?

I hope that you do that thing were Viv would do her map thing that you mentioned on… I think the Macros and Key binds Episode

Vivdiot maps
πŸ˜€ lol I love plays on words πŸ˜€
I had a friend who was looking for Advil (guess what time of the month it was :D) and she said she was out so she asked me to get some and I said

“OK, but I’m gonna have to Ad it to your vil :D”

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