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Disaster Strikes

The good news: Viv and I recorded 3 hours of content for the show! This included news about i13 on test, with some of the coming features, the third installment of Fantastic Foes IO feature, and plenty of feedback.

The bad news: A nemesis plot has been unleashed to stop this content from seeing the light of day. Dark operatives have doused our beloved Macbook with soda rendering it inoperative!!

Our best scientists have the device dismantled and are fastidiously working to save it. Another group of top agents are mounting a data recovery mission. They are attempting to get the harddrive to an extraction point so that the contents can be rendered to a Windows compatible drive so that they can then be edited.

Fear not, fair listeners, the content WILL be saved. How long, however, is a mystery only time will bear out.



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Brian: sadly, its trapped on a Mac formatted drive and that was the only Mac in the house (see Viv – I told you we need to get more Macs 🙂 _ducks_ ) Need to borrow somebody’s Mac for 15 minutes to copy it over to a drive that will come up in Windows.

Brian, you are never allowed to use the term “raw and uncut” around this podcast again…mainly because it gives me a tinglin’ in my nether regions…

Chooch, Viv,

Take your time, we will be patient. *waves hands hypnotically at the listeners* We Will Be Patient…

Oh No! Get well soon poor little Mac. Of course we’ll be patient. Sitting here… staring at the website… waiting for the new podcast to appear… totally patient…

Eeeep, I hope it can get well. Water and computers don’t get along so well. Sticky sugar water… oh dear. Good luck Chooch.

Ah heck with it. Do it live. Whenever we click the ‘play now’ you get behind the microphones and give us the scoop!

My first thought was, “SODA?” – This is some new voice recording app for the Mac? Better sound quality? Improved Knupple Rate? “These knupples go to eleven.” I’m all for that. But somehow, the installation of “SODA” went bad?

Mac in hospital on it’s birthday, organ doners wanted

Apparently the evil iTunes monkey is on vacation and it’s hired another monkey, and it’s not satisfied with distroying iTunes, it’s after computers.

The “2 second trojan monkey” 😀

UGGG! That’s what you get for falling victim to those metro-sexual mac commercials! It figures a little sissy mac couldn’t handle soda; good thing you didn’t spill a beer or plate of buffalo wings or something else manly all over it! (Hey, someone had to start up the whole Mac vs. PC thing!)

Anyway, best you be getting it all sorted out soon. Without the soothing influence of Chooch and Viv we may be unable to head off the next Knupple-Schism!

I just realized that I never followed up on this…

I slapped the drive in our home Linux server and it instantly mounted, letting me copy the files and get back to editing. I don’t know why it never ocurred to me that in the awesomeness that is Linux, it wouldn’t just automagically see the drive!

In related news; once the Macbook dried out I reassembled it and it booted right up with no ill effects. Yay Mac and Linux !!!


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