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Win a PPD Hardsuit Costume Token!

PPD Hardsuit

Enter our random drawing to win a PPD Hardsuit Costume Code from The COH Podcast! These were given out at the NCSoft booth at PAX ’08 and we have acquired extra codes for you to win!

Simply send an email to with ‘PPD Hardsuit Contest’ in the subject line. The deadline is Midnight, September 27, 2008. Drawing on September 28, 2008 and the winners will be notified via email after announcement on the episode is made. We are asking that entries come from those over 18 years of age.

Note: This costume token grants a costume toggle – not simply tailor options. The toggle is a permanent power that will be available to all of your characters! While the suit doesn’t grant any additional powers, it is way cool looking 🙂

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Dear Chooch and Viv-

We have kidnapped your Knupples. If you ever wish to see them again you will give us a PPD Hardsuit Costume Code. Don’t make us do something ‘unfortunate’ to them. Give us a code and they will go free, unharmed.

Yours Truly,

The Extortionist

There’s no privacy policy on this site, so how about a heads-up on what you’ll do with all those email addresses? Fun newsletters, sold to spammers, deleted immediately after the contest, stored on a floppy somewhere in some guys house? (Well, it’s gmail, so it’ll never -actually- be deleted, but you know what I mean)

Understand your concern, “Anon”. We choose the winner(s) for our contests and that’s it. We don’t do anything with the email addresses or any other info given after the contest winners are notified. We hate spammers, don’t do a newsletter and … what’s a floppy? /e puppy dog head tilt


Don’t think we’ve deleted past contest submission emails, but we have no plans for them other than seeing how many people enter which type of contests.

We don’t have a privacy policy other than what I’ve written here, so feel free not to enter if you are not reassured by my statement. If you do decide to enter, good luck to you and all the others!

How about that change to Issue 13 announcement?

Isn’t 13 an unlucky number? I’m just saying. The changes seem for the best, and the additional features look cool. I guess there’s a first time for everything!

Write on!


So, I know that the winners will be receiving emails saying they won, but if you don’t, will you receive an email as well?

Damn, not only have I missed an awesome giveaway, I also misread it. I thought it was an actual drawing contest! I thought I was in for a chance then. Damn, damn my internet proveider for cancelling my subscription and damn missing out on pure awesomeness. Well, I hope whomever won it enjoys it immensely.

Dear Chooch and Viv,

I see that our demands have not been met. How unfortunate. I’m afraid your Knupples will now have a very ‘unfortunate’ accident. Such a pity. We’ll be sure to let them know how little they were loved beforehand. Say bye bye Knupples!

Yours Truly,

The Extortionist

Criswell WANT to be put on mailing list for Two Second Troy and Twilight Guardian approved marital aids.

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