Episode 26 – Invention Origin Enhancements Pt 1

Hot off the heals of our Balticon wrap-up comes an honest-to-goodness new episode! Why, its like Christmas in June! …or an extra Double XP weekend! …yeah, or just another episode 🙂

This week we talk about:


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AHAH! Once again, you deliver to us what I am sure will be full of awesomely winness.

So glad I brought up iTunes tonight.

Don’t you guys sleep? After listening to your Balticon wrap-up, I’m not sure you do sleep.

Hugs (not drugs) all around. Thanks again, Chooch & Viv

Your Fan(tastic Foe)


Another beauty of a podcast, eh? (Sorry; my Canadian girlfriend rubs off on me…though not often enough!).

To answer your question, Viv, yeah, comic fans are crazy about the autographs (though as you mentioned, they do tend to buy another copy to keep “pristine mint”). Now, of course, that’s OTHER PEOPLE’S comics; in my case, having my third-grade scrawl marring the cover of a funnybook tends to guarantee it’s headed straight off to the quarter box or used for what we like to call a “personal hygiene emergency.”

Thanks for your discussion of IO’s. In a matter of minutes you’ve made me understand them better than I ever have. That happens a lot for me with your podcast. I think you’re the Annie Sullivan to my Helen Keller, and you’ll eventually teach me to say “wawa.”

I’ve been listening to the show while walking on the treadmill at work, which I do every weekday, so you guys are going to have to increase your frequency. If not, I’m holding you responsible for my huge backside, which I have taken to calling Jabba the Butt. Well, you and the deep-fried twinkies…

Can’t wait for part two. Great information. Also cant wait fot he keybind and macro cast as well. hmmmm Will viper be fighting their was into your next cast??? How evil is that Touch of pain??? ( Insert miniacal laugher hear ) loved the cast. hugs to the both of you.

Great cast, quite informative. To be completely honest even though I have been playing for almost 2 years I still don’t completely understand the enhancement system then IO’s just got me all confuzzled so I have someone in my SG help me. (He’s a math guy, I’m english/lit girl it works believe me)

Chooch and Viv,

Great podcast, made my morning commute too short…

Looking forward to further IO talks. I tend to IO early, (since I can funnel cash from my highbees to my lowbees… yes that makes me lame to some… sorry)

It’s great to be able to use the double benefits of IO set pieces from different sets, say two +acc/+end set IOs from different sets (since you can’t use the same IO from the same set in a power) usually yields really good results, almost SO level long before you can use SOs.

Being able to pimp my character’s toggles and attacks with 60%+ endurance reductions made Stamina unnecessary… and this is on my fire/stone tank.

Anyway, as Nod mentioned, I too am looking forward to yoru discussion on frankenslotting…



I have no idea what “Frankenslotting” is, but it sounds dirty and I want no part of it!!!

Yes, I thought Troy Hickman was known as Doctor Victor “You got your Smashing Blow in my Incandescent Strike” Von Frankenslotting…

Or maybe that was some other handsome rogue…

Excellent podcast I listened on my way to Phoenix and it made the trip shorter. I’ll have to live without COH for a week and a half and it may kill me.

Thanks for the info on IOs and thanks for a truly faxcinating podcast.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You two have no idea how helpful this cast was! I took a break from the game back before CoV went live, and when I came back just a little over a year ago the Invention system was more than a little overwhelming.

I sort of got it, but just couldn’t wrap my head around how the sets worked. I slotted a proc here and there on a few heroes but that was extent of my foray into IO Land.

After listening to the cast on Thursday, it finally clicked.

I took my Cold Defender to WW, and spent almost all her money from selling snowcones and frozen margaritas. Got some nice sets slotted into several of her powers before I ran out of influence, and I could really tell a nice difference while on STF last night!

I can’t wait to hear the next installment in the IO series.

Great cast!! I finally feel validated for spending Enron size amounts of income on those sets. …and BTW don’t listen to Troy…he wants it…and he KNOWS he wants it…so what IS Frankenslotting anyway…I’m willing to admit I inhaled.

A note about set bonuses & Caps :
The soft caps from ED only apply to enhancements, themselves. Set bonuses are NOT enhancements, so they are not affected by ED. They do obey the hard, AT-determined caps (such as max resistance, etc) like buffs, etc. you get from other players and stacking powers.

Set bonuses do have their own cap though. You can only benefit from a given bonus up to five times. Different values that affect the same attribute are different bonuses for this stacking max (so 5% regen and 10% regen would each stack five times for 75% total)

Oh yeah – Frakenslotting – doing things like slotting the Dam/ACC enhancement from several different sets for the pure enhancement value, ignoring the ability to get Set bonuses.


WordSmythe here! I’m a new listener and a 48-month veteran of CoH (missed the Beta by ‘THAT’ much). However, due to my extremely casual gameplay, my highest toon is only Level 34.

I thouroghly enjoy your podcast and I’m having lots of ‘I gotta try that!’ moments when I’m listening. For instance, on Viv’s suggestion, I’m going to check out the Croatoa Taskforce. I solo most of the time, but enjoy a good PUG once in a while.

I’m going to try to make the Listener Meet-Up on the 28th, but because I’m in Japan, I’ll need to be up at 3 a.m. Sunday morning! I primarily run on Virtue, but I went to Guardian and created a psychic/mental blaster for the occassion. And Viv; I was able to get him to level 5 in a little more than an hour. I hope I crawl out of bed in time to meet ya’ll.


PS: Who dared to call you while recording Episode 25? I swear I heard your phone ringing in the background at least twice.

Hey again. I was just listening to the end of Ep. 26 (stoopid iTunes), and you mentioned a flash animation for the ‘Paragon University Archeology Department’. What was the link?

i cant wait till you post the next episode. i always log on hopping to have another podcast from yall. you guys totally rock and make it fun to listen to the news about the game. i started listening whith hero 1 and have not stopped. keep up the amazing job. i give you 10 stars

You probably already saw, since this is comment on that episode, but I added the PUAD flash animation to the notes. Sorry I totally forgot to add it when I posted the episode


Thanks so much for talking about the cool weapons.
Since I listened to this cast I’ve got the Rularuu, Roman and Rikti swords on my broadsword/dark armour Scrap. He is uber sexay now. 😉
Unfortunately the Talsorian blade is 100 vanguard merits… it feels like its taking forever to get them!

If you see that somebody is putting together a Rikti Warzone Raid then you’ll get those merits in no time! Not at first, but once everybody gets to the ship. People seem to run them most weekends.

As soon as I heard that Broad Sword Scrappers could change their weapons, I went online and gave my Broad Sword/Regen Scrapper a Longsword. Thanks!

Write on!


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