This is just a quick check-in that the episode will post later this week. Thanks to everybody who came out for the listener meet-up! It was a lot of fun and great to virtually meet so many of you!

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Wait a minute…if this is a nonisode…and I’m posting about it…I…I must not really exist!!! And if I don’t exist…I don’t have to pay my rent! They can’t expect rent from a guy who doesn’t really live here…or live anywhere, for that matter! And forget paying taxes…non-existent people don’t have to pay taxes (though they do get to vote in Chicago). But…wait…who’s going to feed my turtle, Eastman? And who’s going to sing “happy birthday” to my kid next month? No! No! I want to live! Clarence! Clarence, I want to live! There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home!

Look Mr. Hickman, if I can call you Mr. Hickman…

Hey Troy, ease up on the non-existing thing. If this is your response to a non-isode, you need to Bizarro-speechify it up instead.

Bizarro speech is so easy, and can be done in two ways…

Hulkish Speech- Me Am Bizarro, me smash puny Hickman’s post!


The painful to read reverse-speech: Me love when Vooch and Chiv no-post cast-pods! Me no go to u-tunes, no give them 1-star review!

Hmmm, even I’m can’t be sure what the above said.

Anyhow, nice to hear from you guys. Sorry Sincere Fake Nemesis could only appear for 1 minute at the meetup, thanks for including me in the Pod Caste SG (even if my Prince of Brass forcefield/energy defender has to rub steam-cleaned shining shoulders with the likes of Troy Hickman, that infamous ne’er-do-well.)

Pat, aka Fantastic Foe

“Clarence! Clarence, I want to live!” Oh my. And I thought I was showing my age when some Outcast minion ran off, I cut him down, and announced to the “runner” that there is no sanctuary.

P.S. Yes, you can vote in a Chicago election, but only ONCE per election.

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