Episode 47 – Going Rogue and Beyond

This outing we discuss:

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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to hearing about the listener hook up.

    I would have loved to have been there, but it didn’t work out.

    Best regards to all!

    Fantastic Foe

  2. The meet up was fun. I’d like to thank Iron Norseman for being a good sport of a sidekick. Thanks Chooch for the non sleep to get this posted. Really enjoyed the podcast on the ride home.

  3. Viv played myyyyyyyyyy arc longer than anybody else’s! W00t! 😉

    Yep, my arc isn’t easy. Small teams can do well. Larger teams better have a lot of recharge buffs handy or they will have their recharge rate floored. Going solo, it will depend on what your powers are – particularly at lower levels.

  4. Thanks for playing my Arc Promo!

    I’m going to see if I can figure out what’s going on with those bosses. I think if I can get the missions to Auto-SK the boss thing will also be taken care of.

  5. I was talking to CameraGuy earlier (thanks for playing Exploding Planet, arc 200411 btw) and he mentioned having issues with the Auto-SK.

    As a test, I made a single mission that was filled with CoT, with the goal of bouncing characters up to level 40 or so.

    I did it by creating a custom group of CoT.

    Went into Mission Architect. For Enemy on Map, I selected Custom, selected Circle of Thorns from the left hand top pull down. I then had access to a ton of different CoT mobs.

    I selected what I want, and used an add widget to have the mob appear on the right hand list. I selected generic minion, lts, and bosses (which are available in levels 5-54) then I selected (just as an example) Possessed Scientist and added it to my custom CoT group. PS’s have a minimum level 40, so that should make the group appear as level 40-54.

    I saved the mission as a Local (not published) and ran a level 7 tank, who bounced up to level 40.

    So in that limited scale test, it worked.

    If anyone else can give CameraGuy tips, please do so.

    Best regards, Pat (I’ll copy this and paste it on the thread that CameraGuy set up for auto-sk)

  6. We interrupt this comment thread for this..

    Issue 16. Full. Of. Win! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled comments, already in progress.

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