Episode 27 – News and Feedback

Enhancements/IO Sets Part Two will be coming in the next episode. This time up we have some news, announcements, and your feedback!

In this episode we discuss:

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Oh I hope they fix the skirt problem soon. Skye Rocket’s skirt pattern is now on the front instead of the side. It’s yellow and she looks like she peed her herself. :0

Yes! Truly, it was the greatest broadcast since Orson Welles convinced us all that…uh…enhancement diversification was a good idea…or something…(history is not my forte).

Great job on the veritable cornucopia of topics this time, gang. You were both on your game and in great voice (though, to be honest, I didn’t realize Chooch was saying “machinima” until I actually read the word later, so it sounded for all the world like he was saying “much enema”…and that’s…well, you know, different).

Hey, am I the only one who wants them to make the portable workbench more easily available (at least as a vet reward, or TF completion deal, or something)? I’m not much of a badge-getter, and man do I hate making my way to a university to craft something. Besides, I have to spend all week teaching at a college; who the heck wants to venture back on-campus when I’m in Paragon City?

I hadn’t considered the pronunciation of Rularuu before, but it’s a good point that it should be growled. Otherwise it sounds like you’re talking about the king of kangaroos: the Rularuu.

Thanks much for again plugging Twilight Guardian. You are truly “las únicas personas que nunca me han llamado cara de caimán” (which loosely translates to “the only people who have never called me ‘gator face'”).

And thanks again for the great cast. I joke around a lot, but I mean this sincerely: you two make Sonny and Cher look like Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. Guten Abend, Lieblinge!

Can’t wait to check out the podcast for tomorrow’s commute.

Troy, if I may call you Troy…

Mister Hickman, sir, you are not the only one wishing the portable crafting station was more easily accessible. One of my characters has it, and it took so long and cost so much (time and influence), I’m not likely to repeat it.

Before the issue came out with craftable inventions, I had read up that there would be craftable temp powers and a means to earn the ability to craft in the field. I had imagined that this was done as a step further towards character customization, where you could virtually add a new power to your repertoire by getting a mess of recipes for the power, a mess of salvage to craft it, and earn the portable crafting station so when the power runs out, you could take a moment to recraft it.

Sadly, the menu of temp powers is pretty small and unexciting. But my scrappers are all packing pistols… I just need to head back to the Aggrobatcave to reload.

Pat, aka Fantastic Foe

i love your podcast. i must have gave the message to late to be read in this episode and it made me sad. i really appreciate how you all give the info in a fun way that makes it worth while. i always listen while i play. cant wait till the listener meet up

SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Cast. Wounderfull cast as always. Great job you two and hugs to each sounds like you to will be getting out the candles and rose pettles for some one on one snuggle time as well and major coh time.

Loved the Viper plug. bye the way and great idea with the sending people to the myspace. to get the full glory of touch of pain.

One minor correction though is that the email has changed.

Ouch… restraining order? That hurts. 😛
Great podcast you two! I am too lazy to read through all the patch notes these days so having you read them for me is treat. 🙂

Itunes Monkey strikes again…stupid monkey! Cuttin’ the podcast in half…jerkface. You guys should burn some sacrificial banana’s before submitting the podcast to Itunes! Cause I feel evil primate power growing! 🙂

Wonderful Podcast (so far)! I was attacked by the vicious iTunes Monkey as well (or Pod Kong), and I’m redownloading it now. Nice to see I’m not the only one with this monkey on my back.

Viv – My longest running toon ‘Sourceror’ has 38 Free Tailor Sessions; 9 from Veteran Badges, and 29 from various free tokens. I’ve only ever changed his primary costume once, and his secondary costume had a few modifications. But all and all, I’m very satisfied with his current costumes. If only we could transfer free tailor sessions between toons, or give them to friends as gifts!

Ewe Too Rocketh!

Write on!


Hey guys,

I love the podcast, but I would respectfully ask that you not read all the release notes. Just the headlines or funny stuff. I mean it’s there on the web for us to read. Alternately, you could put in chapter bookmarks on your AAC files so I can skip that and forum post dramatizations.

Since I don’t want to be just critical, I really like the guides you usually have. Even the short accolade description was helpful. I’ll be getting the Freedom Phalanx Reserve Accolade as soon as I can fire up the third party add-on. Or I mean I would if I was the kind of person who did that…

I would ask you to continue reading the release notes, since you already edit them somewhat to make them not as long. I enjoy your reaction to even mundane changes, and there is always a chance for crazy pronunciations.


Good cast as always. One thing I would add to future accolade spotlights is what is the appropriate level to try and get them. For example, several of the requisite badges are in hazard zones so there is a minimum requirement. Specific to the Freedom Phalanx you can’t really find Fake Nemesis until level 40 so unless you go to special effort to sidekick its really tough to do it before then.

( time to shamelessly brag… my Fake Nemesis toon Golden Age Nemesis got the Unveiler badge at level 5, just to unlock the Nemesis Rifle. I went to PI and apologized for the “Silver Age Nemesis” sending all the Fakes around. Organized an 8 man team of level bigs who also wanted the badge, and boom boom boom. Nothing is cooler than sniping with the Nem Musket.)

Level 5? That’s awesome. I thought I was cheating getting it and Portal Jockey at 25! I’ve found that having a friend with a high level toon with Teleport was invaluable.

Regarding the release notes, I prefer that you read EVERYTHING. Between working, driving, exercising, errands, etc., I’m unable to sit down and read that much, so I love being able to keep up on all this stuff just by sticking it in my ear (er, the earbuds, that is).

I would also like you to read aloud my local newspaper, each month’s Reader’s Digest, and the entirety of War and Peace. OKthxbye.

Looking forward to the meet up. I plan on being there with Argent Howl. See you there!

I got a release so I hope to show up for the podcast get together, look for Arclighter.

Another excellent cast.


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