Episode 28 – Invention Origin Enhancements Pt 2

The late-isode has arrived 🙂 Thanks for the patience everybody!

This time we talk about:

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As usual, I look forward to hearing the podcast during tomorrow’s commute. And I hope Viv and say ROO-la-roo…

Yay! More COH podcast goodness, I have no doubt!

Great cast guys! As always filled with drama, pathos and some educational stuff for the rest! I however would like to request that from now forward you read the patch notes in French and in between each note Chooch goes “Oh ho ho” with a French flair. Thanks for such wonderfulness and keep on keepin’ on!

worst podcast ever…. i shall only listen to it 5 more times today.

just kidding another 10 star performance with a 5 star bonus for putting it out when exhausted and 5 more for just being yall. love it keep it up,

YaYzorsk8s Great Podcast as usual. Makes my monday seem a little shorter. (If only coworkers wouldn’t keep asking me questions and making me forget to pause itunes, oh well nothing wrong with hearing parts of it over again.)

Still listening to it, so I’ll comment on the material in a little while, but one comment for now – some serious volume spikes in this cast, I had to turn it down twice already.

A Baker’s Dozen of Comments

1) Glad to hear RD is recovering well. Yay!
2) Ooooh! Contest. I’ll be sending my submission.
3) Next meet-up I think I’ll try setting up a tab with all the channels in it, global, sg, coalition and team. I’d didn’t know where to look.
4) Also, did someone post a bind that would add your forum or character name in global chat? I think I remember seeing it somewhere on here.
5) If you ever make a Villain Group I totally call the name ‘Death Crack’.
6) Was there missing promo? I got about a minute of dead silence right before the IO talk.
7) I like to make lists.
8) Re the comment on mishearing Machimina as Much-Enema. When I first went back and listened to your older episodes I couldn’t figure out why you kept playing a clip of someone saying ‘Micheal Vick for President’.
9) Re Roeux-laaa-Rooooo. Other things I don’t know how to pronounce: Tsoo, Kheldian, Ouroboros.
10) Great tidbit of the show: I had no idea you could use the crafting tables and invention storage a coalition bases. Thank you!
11) I think Viv’s map would make a great show. Maybe we could all help by sending in our favorite content by level.
12) Thanks for getting this out when you were obviously exhausted. Get some sleep next time. We can wait.
13) I really like to make lists.

There are a lot of tricky pronounciations in this game. Rularuu, Lanaruu (does it sound different than Lanaru the Mad?), Ruladak The Strong, Faathim the Kind, Oranbega, Caleb, Lilitu, Pwnz… on and on!

But think about it, how often do you hear a dev pronounce these? Now how often do you hear Chooch & Viv pronounce them? Yeah, thought so. Thanks to human (et al.) psychology, we’re going to be pronouncing the words C&V’s way in no time. When most people pronounce a word a certain way then that way is the prefered pronounciation. We outnumber the devs by plenty to one. Hence, C&V’s pronounciations are definitive. QED. 🙂

Great cast guys as always. I’m so glad you nephue is doing ok. Sorry i haven’t posted the pics from the gathering yet. been kind of caught up in real life stuff. and now i’m adicted to puzzel quest as well so time kind of flys befor i realize it. i’ll get the posted soon. huggs

It was awesome to come home from our mini-vacation to a new ‘cast. The wife and I are listening as we dispense justice throughout Paragon City now. Very happy to hear your nephew is doing well, good luck and speedy recovery wishes to him. Got goosebumps when I heard the comments regarding my base, TYVM 🙂 Talk to you all later.

That was good, but I would like for you to do a more in depth 14 hour show detailing every possible combination of enhancements and comparing the various permutations of power bonuses and costs of each, specifically contrasting costs of recipes as opposed to crafted enhancements, with a short discussion of history of salvage costs, and making recommendations to each listener for their specific build as to exactly at what level to purchase and slot (we can all send you our builds) and, if it is not too much trouble, could you list the best order to buy each piece of each IO set and why? …In your spare time?

I can’t believe you guys! What a great cast! Seriously, I appreciate all the work you put into each episode.

I found 4 or 5 of the shoe ad billboards in Boomtown yesterday. That place is a wreck and there even was a half destroyed billboard where it had fallen off of a wall onto the ground. I found it amusing.

Hey guys. Great cast. 🙂 It was really cool that you implemented the “selective promo” where only the worthy folk could hear it, but I was a little bummed that I didn’t make the cut. 🙂 Keep up the good work, and I hope y’all make it to DragonCon!


PS: I also love that you read the patch notes. Viv’s voice is much nicer to listen to than my inner monologue. (Which I finally got back after the un-freezing process 🙂 )


Good content in the cast, as usual.

I also did not hear the promo, got a bit of blank space that made me think I messed up the download somehow, heh.

Awesome! You guys read my voicemail!

And to clarify: I didn’t mean to “diss”, as it were, you two; I just didn’t want to be so bold as to presume your age. So I gave myself a very very VERY broad range.

Also: Although you can get Council missions from the very beginning (at least for Natural heroes) the Vampyri and Warwolves don’t spawn that early. I think that Striga is the first place that they will be spawning (or Radio or contact Council missions in that same level range)

“Grittins, ma nahm is kahlfin.” One of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes quotes.

OMG! Viv said my global name! First she gets it right, then wrong, then right again, then wrong again. Make up your mind woman! Just Kidding; but I prefer the olde English pronunciation: Word-Smythe not Word-Smith.

I love hearing Viv say funny words: Gazebo, Plethora, Foible, Bulbous Boofant (smile if you know the reference)

Great podcast guys! Chooch is right to want to visit Alaska one day. It’s wonderful, and the free money is better than a poke in the eye!

What does ‘wiped’ mean?

Viv, I could have SWORN you said ‘Ow, my nipples hurt’ at one point, but repeated replays and the sound of a ‘pop’ convinced me you said ‘My knuckles hurt.’

Regarding in-game advertisements: I think phase five might involve introducing trademark logos as chest insignias. I can finally create a speedster named ‘Ekin’ with a nice ‘swoop’ on his chest!

Chooch, I checked, and it says that ‘Shiva’ is pronounced ‘Sheeva’, so I think they should be ‘Sheevans’. Potato, potato; Tomato, tomato.

I’m currently building the Psight with Invention Enhancements only. However, there are certain salvage pieces that just won’t drop, and they’re still expensive at Wentworths. I think we should be able to straight-up buy Salvage somewhere. That would probably destroy the economics of Wentworths, but hey!

Sitting at level 13 and standing by to dive into the Troll Caves (where I’ve never actually been).

-Write on!

PS: If I ever get published, would you two read my superhero podiobook?


I was also considering calling Chooch out on Sheevan, the way I would pronounce it, instead of Shivvan, the way he seems to be pronouncing it.

But since I also was all over them on Bainsidhe, and insisting its roo-LAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR-oo instead of ROO-la-roo, I’m glad you went ahead instead of me.

More on pronunciation. There are a lot of Hmong families where I live and I asked one of my neighbor ladies if tsoo is a real Hmong word and how it’s pronounced. She said it means hit or crush and pronounced it something like ‘jong’ but with a longer o sound.

Re: Pronunciation

To quote Jose Japelaneo on a Stick: “Ees my job.”

I’ve had to point out to younger disc jockeys that it’s “Len’rd Skin’rd” and not “Lie-nard Sky-nard”, “Bob See-gar” instead of “Bob Seg-ar”, and “Die-doh”, not “Dee-doe”.

What a great cast! I’ve listened to this one until I’ve literally memorized it by rote, and I will soon be performing it as a one-man off-Broadway show entitled “The Chooch and Viv Experience”…

Looking forward to the t-shirts, especially since I’m on this diet and won’t have to buy a size 14X anymore (I’m just now to the point where I no longer have to wash myself with a rag on a stick!).

Do I have a “racy comment” in Twilight Guardian? I thought it was pretty G-rated. Now I’m going to have to go back through and make sure I didn’t suddenly drop the f-bomb in public. It’s happened before, and I was massively embarrassed. And so was my pastor.

I will most definitely mail those copies out to the winners, and if they have a cool car and a hot tub, they may also receive a huge, one might even say “man-sized” box full of goodies. But for gosh sakes, open it quick, or at least poke an airhole in it!

Thank you for the rest of the Invention Enhancement info. It always seems so much simpler when you guys explain it. Maybe next time you could also have that talk with me that my parents never did about where babies come from.

Yes, Wordsmythe, I’m not the ONLY one who thought Viv said “nipples.” At first I thought alienation of affection was playing tricks on my airplane glue-deteriorated brain, but I went back and listened a few times, and with each listen I was more and more sure she had forgotten she was on the mic. And with each listen, I just laughed and laughed and laughed. And then I felt kind of bad about making such a ridiculous assumption…until I listened again and just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Thank you both very much for giving me a few hours of great infotainment this week. You guys are the cat’s pajamas, the bee’s knees, and even the wombat’s prostate exam. Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

Hey there’s been some confusion about the global channel. I joined “Pod Caste” (with a space, as Chooch said in this episode) and have not seen much traffic in there except for people asking if it’s the right channel. Then I joined “Podcaste” (without the space) and saw a few in there. So, which channel is it, you’se guys?!?


Wouldn’t the “Chooch & Viv Experience” (presented in High Definition and Low Pronunciation) have to be a TWO-person show? I’m just saying. And which of them would you prefer to play? You know you wanna be Viv.


Watch out, Troy might be after your job … Nay, your life!

-Write on!

OK guys — does somebody have a time range for the “nipple” comment. I don’t recall any talk about nipples OR knuckles and am quite intrigued 😉

Oh – and its “Podcaste” (no space)… I have taken the appropriate amount of debt; sorry about that.

Hmmm. So I just went back a listened to that bit. Sounds to me like: “Oh my knupples hurt.” Understandable. After podcasting for over an hour I think my knupples might hurt too.


I’m sorry I mentioned the ‘knuckles’ thing. I’m sure you’re going to get a bit of razzing about it, and I apologize for that. Feel free to exact whatever vengeance you deem appropriate.

*bows humbly* ‘Only the penatant hero shall pass.’

-Write On.

{checks the podcast again} Nuckles, plain and simple. Y’awl are crazy persons. No more messing with Chooch & Viv’s minds until AFTER double-xp weekend!

Hey guys!

Being a new listener, I would like to say that this podcast is great to get me back into the groove of playing after my 9+ month break. Way to go and keep it up!

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