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Listener Meet-Up #4

Yeah, I know, another fake-out post without any big content…

Since we weren’t able to get the next episode out like we planned to this week I wanted to at least get an announcement out to everybody.

By the power of loophole – we are happy to bring you Listener Meetup IV: A New Hope!

We were thinking that it would be cool to make this another “Pimp My Arc” event and run through some listener generated content!

So, here are the deets:
We’ll meet up on Guardian ServerAtlas Park Galaxy City – Architect Entertainment Building at 2pm Eastern on Sunday, June 28th.

which is:

  • 1pm Central
  • Noon Mountain
  • 11 am Pacific
  • 10 am Alaska, or
  • 10:30am Monday in Tehran

Plan to goof around, chat and catch up for 30-45 minutes, and then start running arcs. In the past the events have lasted about 2 hours, so that’s what we’ll shoot for — essentially, if you come late, don’t worry about it — just say hi when you get there and jump onto a team to run an arc!

Hope to see you there!!

8 replies on “Listener Meet-Up #4”

Well, I found this podcast through iTunes and downloaded it last week (thursday I think). After listening to a few shows (starting around Hero 1 interview) i was hooked and decided to reactivate my old account. So here I am now, a lvl 24 Mind/Energy dominator!

Anyway, i have heard you guys talk about these listener meet-ups before and I was wondering if this will have a min-level like the other ones?

Hope to see you guys soon!

Welcome to the “kitten” family, Dramo. With the SideKick/Exemplar/Henchman/Lackey feature, your level shouldn’t matter. We can kick you up or down as needed.

Yay, new cast ???

Hehe, i listened to the podcast attached to this (didn’t realize it was there until my itunes DLed it for me) and apparently around 14 is recommended.

Getting further into the podcasts they talk about meet-up 3 and the need for empathy, so I may grab that as I love being a healer! (Though for my first foray into Hero side (other than OB/1st month) i was thinking fire/? blaster, just cuz I love rain of fire).

PS, yes I double ( ( ) ) up there! 😛

My first 50 was a Fire/Devices blaster. I highly recommend the build. He’s loads of fun to play, and he can do some pretty amazing things that I’ve been told blasters shouldn’t be able to do 🙂

I’ve got a spines scrapper all sharpened for the meet up. This is the first one I have been able to make. See you therethen.

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