Episode 30 – XPXP Hangover

Sorry for the delay.. XPXP Weekend got the best of us, and work unexpectedly had me hopping the whole week after so we never had time to record!

This episode we discuss:

  • T-shirt status
  • Contest is almost over – get your submissions in by Jul 31, 2008!: Win a copy of the debut issue of comic book Twilight Guardian by Troy Hickman! The rules are as follows:
    • Send an Email, starting immediately to
    • We will do 2 random drawings, and Troy will mail them to the winners.
    • Make sure you include the subject: “Twilight Guardian Contest”; your full name; age (over 18); and complete mailing address.
    • If we draw you name and don’t have that info, we will go to the next name we draw.
    • Also, specify how you want it signed- either with just Troy’s signature, or with your name/character name/ or inscribed to your Aunt Fannie.
  • Podcaste Global channel
  • Podcaste SG
  • Listener meet-up – Again, we’ll be hitting the troll caves in Hollows at the next meet-up, so you need a level 12 to join us. We’ll be split up into teams again, but will be all together this time.
  • Double XP weekend
  • Special Episode coming up w/Mur Lafferty – Submit questions for Mighty Mur!
  • CoH News
  • NPC Complaints
  • Feedback
  • Promo: Double Trouble


25 replies on “Episode 30 – XPXP Hangover”

Great Podcast. I thought I would rell you about a funny phony name I saw On a Piece of Mail. No one at the office got it since they were not Gamers. Slap Danoob. I had to explain it to my co-workers.

Danger Force

Yay! 1 Hour 41 mins of freeming awesomesauce-y™ goodness! Well worth the wait, and even though it was a day early, I will count this as my birthday present from Vooch to me. Wow, dinging 29 and a travel power still hasn’t become available to me other than “drive.” I’m calling the Dev of Life to complain.

The voice mods in the NPC Complaints segments were great. If they ever do a sequel to “Queen of the Damned,” I think that Viv should try out with that voice for Akasha. Very well done. Additionally, the Rooooooooolaruuuuuuuuuu voice will haunt me until the end of the day.

Lastly, my coworkers looked at me with raised eyebrows when I laughed out loud (Literally) when Viv described, quite quickly, where to find the “donate” button after I asked where to find it. Good times.

Viv on a Warshade? Oh dear. You know she’s going to say “Tasty!” every time she uses Stygian Circle to drain health from corspes. 😉

Hey, thanks again for the great podcast, I love hearing you guys read listener feedback. Because I’m a listener! And I feedback! And it’s all about me! Me me me!

Following up on that, big thank you to Jim Gross and his positive comments about my banter. That makes two people! Jim and my mom! (Sorry I didn’t see the comments earlier, Jim, if you see me online, send me a shout out, I’ll give you some influence for making my day.)

C and V, great work on the voices. I especially liked Viv’s vaguely Natasha-like Arachnos Widow. And Chooch’s accent for the Council guy, which I am sure is a lower eastside Latverian gypsy accent. Victor Von Chooch! You have revealed yourself!

By the way, I must thank you again for the Podcaste global channel, I really enjoy hearing podcaste chatter as I pursue my single-minded crazy-eyed soloing in caverns infested by RuLLLLLAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRuuuuuuu.

Yes, I’ll mention them in every comment.

And I am really looking forward to the Shadow Shard feature.

So it’ll be ready, um, tomorrow???

I finally got a speaker for the computer at work, so now while doing morning paperwork I can listen to the casts.

YAY, new speaker for YAY, new cast!

1) I love your reading of the NPC complaints.

2) On Macros and binds, you CAN (yet can’t) have two powers set off. If you have the command line
“powexec_name 1$$powexec_name 2”
The macro or bind will activate power 2, and queue up power 1 (so if the order had 2 first, then 1, 1 would activate, and 2 would queue up).

2a) Combined with the command to set a power to auto, you can actually have three powers go off one macro, but the auto power follows the rules for powers set to auto (no toggles, etc) and interruptible powers don’t queue nice, etc.

3) Something that is free and worth every penny is /priceless/

4) You pronounced my handle the same way I do, Viv 🙂

And about NCSoft changing names – they do not search out name. However, if someone petitions a clone/copy, even if they do not own the copyright/trademark, then it counts as being notified and they need to take action.

It seems that NCSoft automatically generics any name they receive a copyright infringement petition about even if it’s some fourth level Marvel character and your toon has no resemblance to them. However in those cases they will ungeneric you if you contact them about it.

Thanks for another great cast! Funny how Viv says no way she will do funny voices and then actually BECOMES an Arachnos Widow. Now that you have the sound effects down, why don’t you broadcast “on location” from sites in Pargon City. “We are here live in Dark Astoria to interview the man on the street. Excuse me sir, do your knupples hurt? Hey! He disappeared….”

Thanks for playing my bio last cast. That is Flapjack’s real bio. It used to fit, but now that he has so many IO bonuses the last line is cropped. The bonus descriptions take space from the bio box. I need to do a bug report on that.

Great podcast as always, and speaking as someone with a lvl 50 Earth Controller, Chooch will sadly never know how much awesomer Animate Stone is after that last buff. He now actually cycles through an attack chain rather than standing there half the time, and when you throw a hold on his target he no longer gets bored and runs off to a less held target.

But on the upside Chooch gets to play with the improved version who attacks smartly and has the awesome seismic smash power. Hope he has fun with it, I know I love my rock buddy.
Midgetsnowman, happy owner of a Earth/thermal troller on Infinity

Hello Guys! I’ve said it on many a night while my Necro/Dark Mastermind, Nailbunny, locks down bosses while my pets beat the crud out of them and my Dark Servant cone fears everything else….”If I were I would /quit cause this is super cheap!!!” *cough* Now me being the embodiment of pure evil Noogey-Wedgies I have nothing but MUHEHEHE’s for my prey but….you know….I’m just saying :).

I’m writing this from the Denver airport. My flight to Vancouver is delayed. Arrrgh! What? No, no, this has nothing to do with the podcast, but I’m hoping eventually Chooch and Viv will read this comment on the cast, and when they do, and I’m listening to it safely at home, sipping on a peach iced tea Snapple and lounging in my Hugh Hefner-style robe, I’ll say to myself “Man, Troy, at the time that airport delay seemed like the worst thing in the world, but look at you now!”

Hey, don’t judge me. This and the prospect of the new season of Heroes are the only things keeping me from gnawing off my own foot…

Troy, if I may call you Troy…

Mister Hickman, sir. Best wishes to you on your flight to beautiful Vancouver. I hope the rest of your travel is easier.

Pat aka Fantastic Foe, who has been to Vancouver, and really really liked it there.

Hear mention of Tron sequel.

After fanboy squeal, search intenet.

View three minute trailer.

Have mild heart attack.

While recovering, watch trailer again.


TR2N (Tron 2) looks awesome! Funny they don’t have a dedicated writer or anything yet. Clearly they have Jeff Bridges and an idea. I wish Disney would just releast the promo for real so we can see it in high definition instead of cameraphone crookedness.

Anyhoo, great podcast guys! I’m in Virginia for a wedding right now and will return to Japan soon.

Looking forward to T-shirt and the next Listener meet-up.

Write On!

Great cast as usual. The NPC thing was pretty darn funny. And I’m the first (And probably the only, ever) person to have audio banned from the show. I’m not sure what that says exactly, but it is a singular achievement which has no badge, darn it.

I’ll see that more “family friendly” discriptions come your way. Oh, and in my defense, what I sent WAS the actual discription text for my villain Punch-Line which can be seen in the Villians section of the gallery.

Excellent cast I enjoyed every minute of it. I had to miss the last meet up but I have leveled Arclighter up and am ready to hit some caves. Keep up the good work.

And now, so many months later, how fare the NPCs? Terribly! Now the devs are putting in “Custom” creatures – with PLAYER powers! While Council goons are bhaata tat tatting away with their little machine gun, customs are wailing away with full powersets! They even get nicer costumes! Even their stupid minions can have auras and capes!

Personally, I expect most of the villain groups will leave in a few months. Don’t be surprised when you get ambushed by a pack of War Wolves in Star Wars: The Old Republic find the Dark Carnival setting up shop in Warhammer.

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