Episode 46 – i14: Architect Release + News and Stuff

We are pleased to bring you the i14 patch notes, along with a few announcements and news items!

Here’s the linkage:

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Wow is it May already? Where does the time go 🙂 Thanks for working an i14 cast into your schedule and also for fitting the Justice Girls party announcement in.

Thanks! How’d you guys know I’d need something to listen to while doing yard work today?

I look forward to listening to this on my way to Louisiana today. I’m thrilled that you guys could get a cast together for I14. I can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say about the magic pack, it looks cool.

Mmmmmmm, bursty!

By the way, if you aren’t sure about the costumes in one of the booster packs, you can use the Mission Architect to preview them – after a fashion. {ahem} Just buy the pack for tickets in the MA, start a new custom critter, and load yourself in the costume creation. Now you can dress up your “clone” in the booster pack outfits. Whatta bargain! Works for capes and auras, too, if you just can’t wait for levels 20 and 30.

(Is the new Magic booster in the MA yet?)

No parodies in MA, say it ain’t so! Well, I guess I can scrap my World of Craft-War story arc where you battle Yarn Brutes, Scrapbook scrappers and Erector Set Masterminds with their little robot helpers. I am soooo bummed I don’t know how I will go on. 😉

On the slightly more serious side, I’m a final polishing away from publishing my first arc.

And the mention in Viv’s story was nice. Not as nice as one of my Bios being on the cast, but nice none the less.

Yay new cast! Sneaky Vooch and Chiv. I wanted to chime in as a happy owner of the Magic Booster. I must say this is perhaps my fave of the special costume packs. The whole thing is just coolness to the infinite power. The Mystic Fortune power is pretty cool and has some interesting effects. One nice thing about it is it is a persistent effect that does not vanish on death. When you rez, you get your fortune effect back. It is not however without it’s negatives. Of the nine possible effects, two have negative components. So be aware when someone offers you a card it could have consequences. One of these is the Fool which has a minor debuff to ToHit but compensates by buffing your speed and recharge. The other is the Tower. This one damages you on casting but buffs your damage. While it will heal back, it is a noticeable bite. And while I haven’t tested it, I will tend to assume it can kill you if you’re low enough in health. Also, this hit will happen again each time you zone. So it could be a dangerous effect to have if you are running for your life for the mission door with a horde of mobs on your heels. That sigh of relief you make on making it out with just a sliver of health left might just be replaced with a thud as you suddenly hit the pavement when the Tower whacks you again.

I will admit the Self Destruct is cool but I still think the costume bits and emotes plus the power of the Magic Pack is superior.

I still can’t find pack costume pieces. There are just TOO many options. YAY! New cast!

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