Episode 53 – Sunset to SCoRE

In this episode we discuss the changes that were made to the game from the time NCSoft shut down the servers (Sunset) to when the secret private servers were revealed to the masses (SCoRE)

You can catch the video archive of this episode on YouTube!

We also discuss:

  • A new Marvel MMORPG is in the works
  • How to transfer your Mid’s build into the beta server
  • Homecoming patch notes from November 30, 2021
  • The Homecoming monthly Dev’s choice awards for exceptional AE missions

Special announcement and call for players;

On Dec 18 Viv will be co-hosting an “Introduction to Incarnate Trials” session, Part 1 w/ drumroll plz our good friend and fellow streamer Dythok! Viv will be reading the text to give context and the full story, and Dythok will lead the trials, share the strategy and show how to successfully complete them.

There are 8 trials total, and Dythok has chosen three to start – Behavior Adjustment Facility, Lambda Sector, and Keyes Island Reactor Trial.

You have to be level 50 to join, be ready to start at 7pm eastern SHARP on December 18th on Homecoming Server, Excelsior shard. For these 3 trials, there is no other requirement. You can join us on Chooch and Viv’s Game Night Discord for more info as plans develop and to sign up in advance.

The goal of these runs is to remove some of the mystery involved and get more folks doing them. Cuz look, I know it’s intimidating. Ppl advertise spots for speedy trials, and there’s baaaaaarely any explanation. They speed on without you knowing WTF is going on and suddenly you’re standing there with (hopefully) a few new badges but no clue why you have them. And I’m not knocking the folks that do that, they should run it in a way that makes them feel sure they’ll be successful. But it can be massively disappointing to feel like end game content is out of your reach.

The main topic for our next episode will be an overview of all of the fast travel options now available in the game. From recent travel power changes, to teleports, Tunnels, and mods like Vidiotmaps.

Special thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show. Many of them also stream City of Heroes – check them out!


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