Non-Episode: ITB Balticon 42

I’m dropping in an episode from our other podcast Into The Blender rather than record separate Balticon wrap-ups. Normally on Into The Blender we talk about family life bringing together our kids from previous marriages and all of the chaos that ensues. This one doesn’t have any of that mushy stuff, so don’t worry 🙂

In the episode we mention meeting and interacting with the following awesome people, in quasi alphabetical order. No offense if I left somebody off of the list- please let me know so I can fix it!

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Wonderful! A new podcast that I will listen to first thing in the morning during the commute. Unless I listen to the latest Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack first.

Fine, now I have to make a decision! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

Seriously, thanks for putting out another podcast.


Pat, aka Fantastic Foe

Absolutely wonderful! One such as I can only imagine what wonderfulness you could go on about if you went to DragonCon *eg*

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