Episode 25 – News, moar patches, and faction spotlight (fixed)

Its too late for clever.. here are the patch notes 🙂 It clearly WAS too late for clever last night, as I attached episode 24 again!! So sorry for those who jumped right in and downloaded the new episode, only to find a repeat.

This post has the correct attachment – Episode 25!

This week we discuss

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Chooch was up late posting it, and made a slight boo boo. He had to delete Ep 25 this morning from the feed, and re-post it as Ep 25 (fixed). Please give it another try in a bit. We’re VERY sorry for this, it was in his hurry to get it posted that the error occurred.

Because of this epic fail, he is going to have to work off xp debt before attaining another level. 😀

I never thought I could hit the debt ceiling so FAST!

Yeah, really – really sorry about that :-/

Well, I waited about 2.5 hours, still won’t download to Itunes. Also, I think there’s something wrong with your Gmail address, the email bounced back.

SQEEEEEEEEEE YAY Someone acculy said my name right for the first time. Yes Charlaine is right it is an older rarely used southern version of its sistername charleine. I think is so much better then the more comman name. Oh and Choochy choochy choo. you just HAVE to record that Ironman version.

Ended up listening to the new ‘cast while deleting 900+ tragically un-magicked desks from a base villain-side, as I never could get it to download to Itunes, but it was a great cast. IF it was your fault, consider yourselves debuffed, if it was somehow mine, maybe I’ll finally get off my duff and get that Apple ID to leave you your well-deserved 5 star review from me. 😀

Yay, a new—oh, wait, that’s not my gig. Anyway, another great show! And thank you guys soooo much for plugging Twilight Guardian. I hope everyone will check it out and help me with the voting in August. But don’t you guys DARE pay the shipping from the website; that’s tinfoil hat crazy. I should be getting some contributors copies, and barring that, I can pick a couple up at my LCS, because I’m pretty damned sure they have ’em (if not, I’m gonna weep like a widder woman).

I’ll probably mention this on the boards, too, but in addition to my regular blog (which you were kind enough to mention), I have a new blog specifically for Twilight Guardian stuff at

Also, Viv, I’m not really that funny. Before the listener meet-up, I wrote over 2700 one-liners for all occasions, and then just PRAYED that I’d get a chance to use a few.

Anyway, thanks again, amigo and amiga. Because of my accursed ugliness, I don’t have any friends, but if I did, I’d want them to be just like you!

Choochie Choochie Chooooooo and lively Viv 🙂

Another fantastic podcast. Keep up the great work. Hey it looks like one of my SG members, The Frost’s Bite, and his Mom are new listeners too. This is good stuff.

Today you get 5 stars on this episode.

Happy Hunting
GenX Fusion

What’s this? Chooch’s stone tank feeling a bit rooted? Get the teleport travel power! Pip, pop, smack! You’ve got to keep an eye on your endurance but it works pretty well.

Troy, any chance of you POSTING those 2700 one liners?

Another 5 star show — Made my Atlanta commute bearable today.

Love the info, now I have to check some of my characters to see if they have access to the witches hat. Always wondered what exactly did that.

Of course a certain phrase kept reminding me of an old Star Trek episode, “Friday’s Child”…
Mr Spock: “Oochie woochie coochie Coo?”
Kirk: “Yes. An obscure Earth dialect. Ooochie wooochie coochie Coo. If you’re curious, consult Linguistics.”

I guess that dates me severely…

“Insert comment brimming with praise for yet another outstanding CoH podcast here”

I’m extremely happy to hear you aren’t going to be sticklers on the time limit of the podcast. You both share too much great information and silly fun to be restricted to a 30 minute format.

Hey Troy, if I may call you Troy.

Hey Mister Hickman sir, last year or so, I had picked up a copy of Common Grounds, one of the trade collections, which I enjoyed a great deal. Particularly the story of the hero and villain hooking back up for coffee years past their prime.

After seeing Volks-Wagner, I so wanted to see vehicles in CoH, just to see what other amusing automobile-themed heroes could be created.

Best wishes…


Hi Chooch and Viv!!

I love the podcast. My Fiancee and I listen every week. We play on Pinnacle and have a great SG with a few of our friends. We are getting Married on June 14th. One of the things we truly love about your podacast is that your attitude towards the game (and each other) seems to mirror our own experience. As soon to be married gamers, do you have any advice for us?

Thanks again for the great podcast!
I Laughed, I Cried, It was better than Cats!

Jim Gross tpo Shockrider (E/E Blaster) Lvl 50 Pinnacle.
Catonsville MD

GREAT CAST!!! Good to be back since you two sidetracked me into the 7th Son Universe. BTW, I am not a stickler for pronunciation (but I will phonetic this one out for ya since my wife corrcted all three of us…she IS a teacher)…
Bane Sidhe is actually the etymology of Banshee (Bane Shee…see sidhe is pronounced in Gaelic “Shee”) So Bane-Sidhe is Banshee! Wow….sorry but she made me put her .02$ in 🙂
Incrediburger smothered in Awesomesauce as usual!

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