Episode 29, Pt 2: My Knupples Hurt!

Here is part 2 of Episode 29. No intros, no news, we jump right into the feedback!

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Voici! Le caste vingt-neuf plus 2 que nous aimons beaucoup! (roughly translated: “Yay, new cast”) You can expect a bio for Sci Fist forthcoming forthwith on the fourth day of the fourtnight. For shame, please forgive my forebearance, but you are now forewarned and forearmed. For the Greater Good!

-le GB-

Woohoo. I got half of a podcast named after one of my comments. Today is the proudest day of my life. Loved the character bio voice mails – great job on those guys. Can’t wait to hear more. Maybe I’ll call in Skye’s bio sometime if I’m ever feeling heroic enough.
Viv – if you do make a character named Knupple – just googled the word and it turns out ‘knupple’ is Dutch for club or truncheon, so I think a War Mace tanker would be the appropriate AT. She could wack people with her mighty magical knupple and then let loose with her dreaded battle cry: “My knupple HURTS!” (OK, that’s my last knupple comment. I’m moving on now. I swear.)

C and V,

Just finished listening to the podcast on my way home, loved the fact that you’re going to do a large segment on the Shard, one of my favorite places.

I’ll start doing IO set research for a submission…

The following is a message from one of your imaginary friends …

Best … Podcast … Ever … and not just because I was in it.

Is that what I sound like on podcast? Ugh! I think I much prefer to hear Viv read my words than hear myself fumbling them. *grin*

Thanks for the vocal kudos. I ‘am’ a trained military journalist, after all. Your tax dollars at work. I recorded it using the shareware program Goldwave and a headset microphone.

Thanks for the advice on podiobooks. I’ve been busy rewriting some superhero fiction and I will certainly take you up on your offer to be characters.

I liked hearing how you guys manage your enhancements. I waited until level 12 to slot enhancements into ‘The Psight’, and I really didn’t see any negative effects on gameplay. At low levels, the enhancements just don’t seem to help that much, so why waste the influence? I will always slot Accuracy first on an attack power. The way I see it, who cares how much damage you can do if you can’t hit the little buggers!

I remember the fast-talking guy on from the Micro-Machine commercials! His name is John ‘Motormouth’ Moschitta (Moe-Sheeta) Junior and he also did the voice of Blurr in the original Transformers animated movie. He has also recently reprised that role in the new ‘Transformers: Animated’ series. He’s credited as being one of the world’s fastest takers. And now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

IRC would be great! I’m in Japan, so I’m severely disconnected from everyone else’s time zone. But I’m up early most mornings, which is late afternoon on the East Coast. It would be cool to chat with some Pod Caste members in real time!

I have not tried Puzzle Quest either, but some other fun mini-games I enjoy include RocketBowl, Airport Mania, Pizza Frenzy, Chuzzle, Peggle and Fashion Solitaire (Viv, you might really like this one).

Fear the wrath of Pod Kong, the evil iTunes monkey! All your bananas are belong to him.

BTW: ‘Bulbous Bouffant’ is a comedy sketch/song by Radio Free Vestibule. You can hear it on YouTube. (

Fun Recipes: Try stuffed bell peppers with layers of cheese like lasagna. Made it just the other night and it was delicious! This inspired me to create my latest alt: Bella Pepper – Sonic/Fire Blaster.

-Write on!

You two obviously had fun doing this part two and it really showed in the cast. Lots of laughs, lots of giggles, and a real pleasant listen too.

Man this was a fun episode, I laughed almost as much as I did over the “roo-LAHR-roo” discussion, and THAT one still gives me the chuckles every now and then.

Thanks for the tip about buying at WW on a Tuesday/Wednesday – VERY good advice. I havn’t been playing as much lately, in the process of buying a house, but I made time on the double XP weekend to try to level up my WP/EM tanker. I hadn’t played him in a while, and when I went to try to get some sets/enhancements the prices on Friday night were through the ROOF. I’ll have to maybe start doing my buying/selling on Tuesday/Wednesdays.

As an aside, does anyone else always find that their character’s salvage/recipie/WW slots are always full? With the limited time that I have, when I get on I want to PLAY, and being a packrat, I’m always reluctant to throw anything away, but I don’t want to take the time to stand around WW’s buying salvage, etc. I’ve got 4 storage bins in my SG base full of IO’s, I wish there was some type of storage (other than slots at WW’s) for recipies, and more storage for salvage.

Glad to hear you’re doing a piece on the Shard, been playing over 3 years now, and only been there twice. Once to do the Faathim (sp?) TF and one other time running missions. I would certainly like to learn more about it.

Another aside: On an earlier podcast Chooch I think, mentioned that you don’t see many high level AR/DEV or TA/Archery characters. My second 50, the one that I ran the Shard TF with, is an AR/DEV blaster, and the next character I’m focusing on is a TA/Archery defender. I’ve always liked playing the characters that aren’t as “popular” as the others. I made an all human WS, took him to 42, just because of all the negative opinions in the COH Kheldian forums about how hard it is, and how the build would be “gimped”. Isn’t that part of what being a hero is about? Overcoming your limitations? Right now though I’m trying to get my WP/EM tanker to 50 so I can make Khelds on my second account.

Last but not least, I’d like to join your SG on Guardian, me and my boy (Shout out to Jamester, best duoing partner EVER!). We play on Saturday nights, mostly on Champion but if you get a couple of new recruits this Saturday night, it’ll probably be us!

Keep on keeping on, love this podcast as well as ITB, just a few thoughts to show my appreciation.

Peace out!

Here’s a great way to buy at WW. Let’s say you are going for a 15 Accuracy IO and you see the last 5 purchases were at 100,000. Put a bid in for 25,009 and walk away. Come check back another day and you’re likely to have it. The downside of WW’s info window is that you have no history beyond the last 5 sold. I use my casual gameplay to my advantage by bidding low and posting high so that when I come back the next morning, I’ve usually bought and sold items at a great price for me.

I generally park my character at the nearest Wentworths when I log off for the night and then pick up my influence first thing the next time I play them. Keeps my slots from filling up with a minimum of time invested in it. And if I’m in a sg with teleporters I’ll drop off my base salvage on the way through.

Oh, and another WW tip – if you run the Outbreak tutorial sell the two large inspirations you get from that instead of using them. You can usually pick up at least a 100K influence for each of them.

I love feedback! \o/ I think the way for the listeners to extend the episodes is to just give lots of feedback, thus forcing Chooch and Viv to read it on air.:)

And that increases the chance of cool and wildly unpredictable pronunciations.


Following up on SkyRocket, my salvage IS always full. I keep a list next to my computer with the salvage items I need for most recipes (Accuracy, Damage, Endurance Reduction, etc.). But when I get uncommon and rare salvage, I’m inclined to keep it for later use, but quickly find my storage vault full. Running back and forth to the vault can be a pain sometimes.

I’m trying to build the Psight with all IOs.

PS: That Japanese earthquake on July 24th was a doozy. Woke us up in the middle of the night and knocked books off shelves mostly. We faired better than most wtih a broken candle jar and glass shelf. A co-worker’s TV fell onto the corner of his coffee table, punching out the tube.

Wordsmythe -I never try to save my salvage based on what I will need later. I find I’m better off selling everything at the upper end of what the item is going for and picking it up later with a lowball bid when I need it. Usually don’t have too much problem slotting myself up with generic IOs using this method.

Shelob – Shhhhhh. Don’t give away the secret plan!

OK, this is probably coming in mere seconds before the new podcast, but darn it, I said I’d make more comments, and I’m a man of my word. I just wish that word wasn’t always “incontinent.”

This has no real connection to anything, but you did mention Wonder Woman. You know what’s always cheesed me about the amazing amazon in her comic book appearances? When one of her pals, say Batman or Superman, refers to her as “WW,” presumably as a shortened form of her name. Hey, you lame-o comic book writers, try properly saying “WW” and “Wonder Woman” both ALOUD and see which one is shorter! Sheesh!

Loved the bios. Flapjack FTW! I have to ask, though: does he have superleap as his travel power, so he can shout “I Hop”?

To add gasoline to the pronun-skiation fire, it seems to me that since Striga only has one “g,” it should be pronounced so it rhymes with “Tony the Tigah” (well, you get the point) rather than rhyming with “take a swig-ah.”

That racy marital aid in Twilight Guardian wasn’t my fault. I specifically told the artist “corn dog” but he’s from Singapore and it lost something in the translation. Honest. No, really.

Anyway, thanks, gang. You’ve given me a great podcast (and some swell soundbytes for my new project: a version of the song “Tequila” with the title word being replaced by Viv’s exclamations of “nipples”).


Troy, if I may call you Troy…

Mister Hickman sir, I always pronounce Striga as Stree-ga, rather than Strigga or long-eyed, Strigah…


Striga, like Shiva. And if Chooch is reading this, Shiva is pronounced Shee-va…

It never even occurred to me that there was more than one way to pronounce Striga. Everything is up for grabs apparently. I’m going to start calling Statesman ‘Stah-TEZ-mun’.
And gratz to me for not making an inappropriate response to the corn-dog thing – that was difficult.

Yes Gazerbeam….I am your nemesis! I new that on my journey to villainy I would run into you. It is always an assurance that you will find your polar opposite, your the ying to my yang, my paper to your plastic! I hope that everyone shall be so lucky that you all are able to be introduced to your nemesises….nemesiseseseses…..nemesisesesesesesesesessssss …nemesi? Oh whatever, can’t wait till the next show!

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