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We cn haz Tea Shrts!

We have finalized our initial T-shirt designs which are now available for purchase at!

These are high quality cotton t-shirts with professional transfers that will hold up to being washed. You are able to customize these designs by changing the shirt styles, colors, and sizes. Modifying the designs will increase the cost because we chose the lowest cost option for our base shirts.

We’ve got plans to add some other stuffs too – so I built a permanent page which you can always see at:

2 replies on “We cn haz Tea Shrts!”

This is sweet. I picked a different shirt style, that was slightly cheaper, but I added my @Global name plus the City of Heroes logo and my ‘Natural’ and ‘Tanker’ icons and the total only went to $18.95($23.94 after shipping). I’m gonna buy my girlfriend flowers in the morning and then ask her if we can fit the shirt into this weeks budget. Here is a look at the back.

While Zazzle allows customers to modify designs, you have to keep in mind that using any Copyright or Trademark text or images violates both the Zazzle user agreement and the NCSoft/City of Heroes Terms of Use.

Technically these shirts are sold at a profit since Zazzle won’t let us go below 10% “royalty” – believe me, I tried to change this to zero and looked through the FAQs and they won’t let us. This is why we used 100% original artwork for our designs (ie: we didn’t use the official logo, character images, or any other in-game elements).

I’m not saying DON’T customize the shirts to personalize them; I just want it to be clear that we’re not responsible if your Zazzle account gets closed; your CoH account gets suspended or banned; or you get sued by NCSoft.

On a personal note: your design kicks ass!

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