Hero 1 Interview Transcript

Just wanted to let everybody know that there is now a transcript of the interview available on the official site. Viv toiled away to transcribe the whole interview so that any deaf or non-native-English speakers could get the content.

In addition, we’re told that there will be translations into other languages made available for EU players!

Listener Meet-up

Thanks to Lex for pointing out that we should put the meet-up information on the front page!

Save the Date!

Who: Any Level One character you would like to play!
When: Sunday, May 4th
Time: 4:00PM Eastern (3:00 Central/2:00 Mtn/1:00 Pacific/12:00 Alaska/etc.)
Where: City of Heroes, Guardian Server, Atlas Park, Miss Liberty
What: Just a casual bit of gameplay, having fun and hanging out.

We’d like to keep this simple, so are requesting folks bring a level 1 toon. Don’t worry about build or team needs, just make what you like and we’ll make it work!

So skip Outbreak and head to Atlas Park for some sewer fun or street sweeps!

Sorry for folks that can’t attend, but I have a feeling we’ll be doing this again at some point, so no worries!

Holy Bonus Prestige Batman!

Read post below from Lighthouse in the forums…

In the spirit of giving! More Prestige!
#9809474 – 12/11/07 12:23 PM

In the words of Oliver Twist, “Please, Sir, can I have some more?”

With this morning’s maintenance, we had intended to run the prestige grant and debt wipe on the Training Room Test Servers. However, it looks like some villains snuck in and crossed a few wires and it was applied to all the live servers.

Oh well! We hope you all enjoy the added bonus!

Community Relations Manager

Viv verified earlier today that one of our SGs indeed jumped from a 3 million influx to a 6 million influx. It will be interesting to hear how many SG leaders immediately did a purge of “filler” members right after the initial prestige grant, only to miss out on the metric ton of icing on the cake!

In addition to this flub, the devs actually released the defiance changes, animation changes, and delivered two new costume sets today! Yep, there’s your sneak peak on our next news cast 🙂

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice the bright red letters to the left, we now have a proper voicemail line. Feel free to give us a ring and leave comments, feedback, suggestions, or corrections:  206-338-2911

Issue 11 Live Nov. 28th – That's tomorrow!

Expect to see a flood of new tankers and scrappers in the Atlas Sewers tomorrow night 🙂

Posted by Lighthouse last night at 8:26 PM:

We are pleased to announce that Issue 11: A Stitch In Time will be made available on the Live City of Heroes servers on Wednesday, November 28th. All servers will be coming down for extended maintenance starting at 7 AM Eastern (4 AM Pacific) and we estimate they will be back up by 1 PM Eastern (10 AM Pacific).

* Free Costume Token

Given the debut of Weapon Customization in Issue 11, a free costume token will be granted to all characters on Wednesday, November 28th with the launch of the Issue.

* Free Respec

Additionally, with the many changes to powers included in Issue 11, we will be making a Free Respec available to all characters on Friday, December 7th. Read the full announcement of that here.

If you are not familiar with the many features included in the 11th free expansion to City of Heroes, click here to read the highlights!

Something to keep in mind is that if you already have a free respec token from a previous Issue release they do NOT stack. So, you’ll want to burn it off before they are issued on December 7th and then get the new tokens. To be clear, this only applies to tokens that were given from previous Issue launches (i10, i9, i8, etc.) not Veteran rewards or respecs earned in missions – they stack.

A quick recap of changes with i11:

The Ouroboros System which allows you to travel back in time to re-run your past missions (or story arcs you might have missed), a chance to reclaim an echo of a previous temp power, or run entirely new missions where you fight alongside (or against) the signature Heroes/Villains in the mythos.

Two new powersets:  Dual blades and Willpower available to all melee types (Tankers, Scrappers, Brutes, Stalkers) and weapon customization which allows you to change the style and color of your weapons.

New ultra-rare, high level Invention Sets that will give epic bonuses and effects to end game toons.

Among many other smaller enhancements and under the covers tweakage.

New Look

I have finally begun to take the site from the default design to something a bit snazzier. Let me know what you think!

Are there any sections, information, or links that you’d like to see here?

Podcast production is commencing. I hope to do some recording tonight. Will drop the episode by Thursday morning. This weeks topic will be  teaming, and traditional roles for running missions.