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Please pardon our mess!

I just noticed that the site looks kinda goofy in Internet Explorer 6 right now. I’m a Firefox user and frequently forget to check IE compatibility. I just so happened to check and – yikes..

Yeah, I’ll work on that. but not tonight, its bedtime!

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IE6?? Chooch! IE7 has been out for about a year! (And IE8 has started beta testing.)

The site looks fine to me. But then, I do my web pages in Notepad with HTML I learned back in the early 90’s. 😉

Yeah, I make it a policy never to run Internet Explorer, so I just have the default 6 that’s on the Windows box. I only have Windows on here to be able to play CoH 🙂

I am happy to hear that IE8 is going to be standards compliant by default, but I won’t willingly run any MS software that I don’t have to and Firefox does everything I need.

I also started creating HTML before there was a graphical browser. Interesting times! Remember having to tweak elaborate slip scripts to get connected to the Internet? Oh, and the pain that was Windows 3.x WinSock!


Slip scripts I don’t remember – but I do remember other things. Like how Netscape was the evil overlord trying to take over the Internet when they introduced the markup.

Were you using bare bones WinSock? Calling the API directly? Ouch.

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