Special Episode 6 – Mur Lafferty Interview

In this special episode we interview Mur Lafferty – author of the new novel from Swarm PressPlaying for Keeps

We discuss:

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YAY, a Special MurCast of COH podcast. Lover her work as a writer, Podcaster and Voice Talent.

I’m sooooo excited……and I just can’t hide it! I know. I know. I know. I know I know. I want Chooch! I want Chooch!

If you could please sing this in the style of the Pointer Sisters, Viv, I’d really appreciate it.

Meanwhile, In a faraway land…..

COV…..COHPodcast Shirt + Mur Lafferty Book signing = Fantastic Forum Post Glamour Shots OF DOOOOM!!

Dang! I really wanted to ask about the dude that has fecal matter that shoots out of his hands….how does that work exactly? Does he shoot it out of each finger? Does that include the thumb? Does he have to carry a little utility belt that has Charmin and little wet-wipes in it? Does he ever go dry and then have to eat alot to replenish his…er…supply? And most of all, what happens if somebody thinks that they are funny and slips him some benefiber or a serious laxative……does he have runny fingers? I know..I know! Gross! But…Mur started it by creating him! Great show btw! Can’t wait for more!

It was nice hearing Mur’s interview.

At the risk of having Viv rename me Dumbtastic D’oh!; I have to admit to not being a giant Playing for Keeps fan, but I liked the first part of the story alone well enough to want to own a copy.

I’ll snag mine on August 25, as directed.

I’m glad to hear that Tales of the Third Wave is still going on, I did enjoy some of them as I was listening to Playing for Keeps originally.

Best wishes,

Pat, aka Fantastic Foe

Previous post Lover=Love. Left Post on work day so felt like 3 AM. Postal employee get up before the Crack of Dawn.

Mur is awesome. I’m still working my way through all her ‘I should be writing’ podcasts. I’m on number 41. Soon I will have absorbed enough of her writing knowledge to submit my first story to immediate acceptance! My secret super power is ‘learning from other people’s mistakes’. Well, not entirely … Some mistakes you just have to make on your own or else you don’t learn nothin’!

My wife and I just started listening to ‘Playing for Keeps’ and I definately intend to buy it on Amazon on August 25th!

Write on!

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