Episode 32 – Feedback

This episode is a feedback extravaganza to get us caught up and ready for the next news and feature cast. It includes:

  • Voicemail
  • E-mail
  • Website Comments

9 replies on “Episode 32 – Feedback”

1) “MetaYAYs”, I’ll be using that for something, oh yes…

2) I hadn’t realized until this cast that inside Dark Astoria it sounds just like a snowstorm…

3) If you were a comic person 100,000 years ago, wouldn’t they have been comic caves?

4) Is it just me, or does Viv saying “the only peach anything that I like…” sound just the tiniest bit naughty? No? Now imagine if the conversation was in a strip club…NOW you hear it too, right?

5) Keep in mind my alter-ego is a manager for Blockbuster, so if you need to know something about a movie, I can help! Wargames:The Dead Code is a revision/sequel type thing, not really a remake. From IMDB:
“Computer hacker Will Farmer engages a government super-computer named Ripley in an online terrorist-attack simulation game. Little does Farmer know that Ripley has been designed to appeal to potential terrorists, and certain glitches have made him become paranoid.”
P.S. The movie is horrible, don’t waste your time.

6) We could make a “Vooched” badge for people whom you’ve “banned…”

7) I am sooooooooo happy that Titan is back up and running. Managing my badges is a LOT easier when you can look them up online and have the checklist there already made for you.

8) I don’t have/use Itunes, do you have to have a subscription or anything like that to leave reviews?

Something I was gonna leave on Ep 31 feedback but forgot — you can sell all your enhancements for maximum price at the store inside the RWZ.. no running around needed.

Awww Man I really have to stop typing comments at 3 am! My last comment was about the NPCs complaining about their powersets. Since my Necro/Dark has so many holds that stack I was saying….If I were an npc I’d /quit the game! 🙂

Also, no comic references, I’m just that random! For example, “Cripes McFugit!!!!!!!!”….Yep I just made that up!

Huzzah, another hearty podcast thanking the loyal listeners and we get to listen to our comments read back to us causing us to listen more, and post more to get read more so we can hear them and post more… Where does this awesome cycle end?

Anyway, I thought my comments should additionally contain useful information, so I will give some of my endurance management tips.

#1. Turn off that darn Sprint power! Bind your #1 & #2 keys (which are typically your most frequent powers) to additionally turn off Sprint (or one of those pretty prestige run powers). Accidentally keeping Sprint on will burn your endurance down way too fast in a fight. I’ll post how to here, but Vooch doesn’t have to read it out loud, listeners can come read.

/bind 1 “powexectoggleoff Sprint$$powexecslot 1”
/bind 2 “powexectoggleoff Sprint$$powexecslot 2”

#2. Slot your attacks with Accuracy. A missed power is wasted Endurance.

#3. Slot Endurance Reducers in your attacks. The attacks are the major End Suckers so spend a slot putting reducer in them. Think of it this way, you’ll go 30% longer before running out of endurance if you slot S.O.s.


#4 Stamina and IOs are your friends. Frankenslotting FTW!

Thanks again for all you’re doing, now I’m off to buy a shirt and feed that donate button.

So, do you think you’ll make this a habit? Two totally seperate podcasts each week: One for news and info and the other devoted entirely to feedback?

Speaking about new rewards for players, what about a Veteran reward or a TF badge that allows you to unslot enhancements without deleting them?

Write on!

Total non-sequitur for this thread, but I saw the Parsec nominations, and congrats on being nominated! 🙂 A hearty cheer for al your good work from a dude who’s been listening since day one (before Viv invaded) 🙂 Good luck to you!

Well for the 1st time ever (for me) iPod cut the show 🙂 Thank goodness you have it here 😉

Pod Kong Strikes Again! Hell hath no fury like a monkey scorned!

By the way … Anyone else hear about the monkey that was running amok in the Japanese subway? 30 cops couldn’t catch it.

-Write on!

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