Episode 31 – News and Shadow Shard

This is another super sized episode that is getting split into two. So, this first chunk contains tons of news, and our special feature on the Shadow Shard.

In a couple days will come show notes, linkage, and another episode dedicated to listener feedback.

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YAY, I won something!

BOO, I have to work during the next listener meet up 🙁

Notes and alerts – good as usual (if not a teensy bit behind on some of them, heh)

The Shadowshard feature was interesting. Even though I have several level 50s, I’ve never been in there. Now I might have to take a peek…

Great episode as always. I love the look of the Shadow Shard but very rarely go there. I’ve never been able to get a full group together to do any of the task forces and aside from that the content seems very limited. It’s a shame because the zone is so different from anything else in the game and has the potential to be a really unique experience. I wish they would add more non-TF contacts and mission arcs to attract a bigger player base.

I really don’t call Champions Online (or DC Online) direct competition. Yeah, they have super powers, but other than that they are completely different than City of Heroes (or WoW or Conan). They are made for consoles without keyboards and are far more action/twitch oriented.

Justine Augustine is not the super long TF! That’s Quaterfield’s in Firebase Zulu. I’m afraid it’s worse than simply being long, too. It’s flat out repetitive! For instance, four missions in a row to close portals. Same enemies, same tilesets, same requirements.

Justine’s is actually pretty quick. It has some odd enemies, too – bosses with question marks after their names (eg “Agony Mage?”).

Faathim’s TF into the Storm Palace is a really good one – particularly if you have a character you’re ready to retire. There are guest appearances from almost every high level villain group and, in the end, you get written into a legend!

Good show, it’s always nice to hear what’s changing in the game since I spend my available internet time while I’m on the road playing, not going through the CoH forums.

I’ll be at Gen Con during the next M&G, but I’ll see if my schedule allows me to bring Enek over for a little bit to at least say “Hi” to everyone and “Observe, as a normal citizen of Paragon City.” 🙂 So, I hope to see you then.

Arrrrgh! I’m still in Canada, and this public computer won’t let me play the podcast, or download it. Damn your eyes! Damn them straight to a nameless hell!

Oh, and hi, everybody.

C and V,

Okay, I hear this podcast, go on vacation to the beach and return to find two new podcasts in the feed, Mur’s interview and the feedback ‘cast. How can I keep up at this pace? Now I must listen twice as fast!

Anyway, thanks for covering the Shard and the aspects of Rularuu. I would like to mention that even if you’re not on a task force, it’s worthwhile to head into the Chantry and the Storm Palace zones, just to see the actual floating fortresses that give the zones their names.

It is quite a sight to see the Storm Palace up close, a dark forbidding spheroid of spiky granite being slammed by meteors (just don’t wander too close to the clouds of Lanaruu who appear to be preparing to assail the palace.)

You can get into the Chantry itself (you need to find a gap in the Chantry forcefield walls, fight your way along the outer trench (stay on target… stay on target) and activate one of the two miniature galaxies which can be found in darkened dead end corridors that head into the chantry.)

The inside of the Chantry is a beautiful and impressive place, and I don’t want to say any more about it. (This info is probably old news to anyone whose done some of the Shard TFs, but I found the entry to the Chantry just by messing around, and I am not ashamed to say I gasped when I got in…)

Best to all,

Pat aka Fantastic Foe

Excellent Podcast guys! Even though I’ve been playing for four years, I’ve never been to the Shadow Shard. I feel like such a N00b. One of these days, when I reach level 40, I’ll go there to experience the gravity geyser goodness.

The voice disguiser really made the podcast. It really added a layer of audio imagery to your reading.

Looking forward to the Listener Meet-up on Monday morning at 3 am. I’m an early riser, so it’s not much of a problem. I’ll just be totally useless at work later that day. Oh well, I just have a 3-hour radio show to conduct. Even a drunk monkey can play music and put out the time and temperature.

Fear the wrath of Pod Kong: The vicious iTunes Monkey! I fortunately dodged all his barrels and springs in my latest batch of downloads.

Lastly, I wanted to personally say ‘THANKS’ to you guys for introducing me to Mur Laferty’s ‘I Should Be Writing’ podcast. She has inspired me to get writing again and after numerous rewrites, I hope to submit my first superhero short story, ‘The Red Dress’, very soon. I wanted to submit a question for her interview, but I got on it too late.

Write on!

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