Episode 15 – News & Champions Online

A special welcome to any new listeners!

This episode was recorded last week but was delayed due to some technical difficulties (and minor construction at our base!)

We discuss;

  • Ex Libris links to us on the official forums!
  • We’re moving our studio around
  • Blaster damage bug corrected
  • Further veil fixes
  • Clarification from Positron on the TF changes
  • A new TF change on Test Server to address some of the gripes
  • Main topic: Cryptic Studios Champions Online MMO now in development
  • Feedback
  • Hop into our new Character Gallery to see what our listener’s characters look like — and add your own!
  • Promo: JC Hutchin’s Ultra Creatives Interview Series

8 replies on “Episode 15 – News & Champions Online”

We have a gallery!!! Holy Smokes!!! I’m going to post my Nailbunny pics as soon as possible……be prepared to see more zombie fiends than in Thriller! There’s something refreshing about being in a community that listens…muha muhahahahahah!

Another great one, guys! Regarding the Champions game, I played the pen & ink version for almost twenty years (and many of my comic book characters originated there), so I’ll definitely be giving it a try. I absolutely DON’T think it will be vamping all my attentions and affections away from CoH, however.

The gallery is a great addition to the festivities. I just wish my own screenshots didn’t come out so craptastic (I really need to stop playing CoH on my Commodore 64).

And hey, look at you two! Suddenly I’m seeing and hearing about you everywhere! What’s next? Posters of Chooch in a Speedo? Viv Fruit Snacks? (“They’re…tasty!”)

Thanks, gang. Keep up the great work!

Hey y’all (that’s for you, Viv ^_^), just gotta say it’s great that you cover the main news points, since I don’t have that much time to keep up with current news…ok, I do, but I spend it keeping up on D&D 4th edition news.

Thanks for giving us the “Headlines” on what we miss!

Y’all rock!


Hey guys! Love the podcast!

I heard in your last episode that you guys didn’t know what “mag” referred to. Just wanted to mention that “mag” is short for magnitude and relates to mezz effects in the game. Certain enemies require a certain magnitude, or mag, to be affected by effects such as immobilizes, holds, stuns, sleeps, and fears.

Normally, Minions and below require a mag2 mezz to be affected, Lieutenants require mag3, Bosses require mag4, and.. well, I forget how much Elite Bosses and AVs require, but you get the idea.

So a power like Howling Twilight with a mag2 stun means that it will only stun minions.

Again, love the podcast and just wanted to edumacate! Keep up the good work!

Hi guys …..great job on the podcast very informative …..No more reading the patch notes for me lol ! Love the concept and the fun way in which it all is presented. Im posting a link to your site on my SGs Forum at so that other people in my gaming community can listen in ! My SG is the Disfunctional Family of Gamers on the Freedom server … Would love to speak to you guys on Teamspeak or something … if your keen drop by mah site n get our TS info ………………

Cheers Blutonium boy

hey guys! great cast again….unfortunately it got truncated right at the end when you were going over the voice mails!!! Arghhhh!!!! I think the Hami ate the rest of your ‘cast! it is very frustrating…that is 5 episodes I got like that! But you SHOULD really get on with Brent and his crew, I have been listening to them forever and you two are SO great and professional, I (and I’m sure MANY of your other listeners) believe the compliment is just a perfect match…like Peanutbutter and chocolate!!! Hope to have my site up soon…keep up the GREAT work!

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