Episode 14 – Building Healers

This is a bit of a continuation from last episodes information on different character builds. A listener specifically requested information on building a good healer which is why the healing Defender is discussed in-depth here.

As we go over in the episode, we are aware that Defenders are much more than healers (that they indeed are more buffers/debuffers than healers), but since there was a request specifically about healing, here it is.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Some quick news (Rikti portal XP update, and a contentious TF/SF change)
  • Villain Strike Force information
  • New Valentine mish in Atlas Park
  • Information about the Manticore/Sister Psyche wedding event
  • Our Defender/Healer disclaimer 🙂
  • Listener feedback
  • Another request for SGs to promote – here is your chance to get your SG some exposure and recruit some new blood! Send us your SG details: Name, Server, Website if you have one, the type of SG it is (role play, farming, PVP, etc.), and how to contact you in-game.
  • Also, let us know a preferred day/time for an in-game meet up!
  • Promo: Geeklabel Radio

7 replies on “Episode 14 – Building Healers”

Another great show, you two, chock full of info. I tend to listen to your podcasts in the wee hours of the night (meaning the hours that I tend to wee, but nevermind my incontinence problems), and I find your voices really soothing (unlike that awful Fran Drescher CoH podcast).

Very cool idea about having a place where people can post pics of their characters. The message board idea didn’t sound bad, either, assuming there would be enough interest (hey, I’d frequent it, and I’d even promise not to use it to cheaply plug my comics).

Anyway, keep up the exemplary work. There are plenty of us out here listening, and often you’re the only thing acting as a wedge against our intenet porn addiction…

Just found your podcast about a week ago, and wanted to say y’all are awesome!

A little background: I’ve been playing for about 2 years. I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I do enjoy number-crunching from time to time. As a fellow casual gamer, it’s great listening to y’all who don’t concentrate on being “uber” ^_^

Ok, on to my comments:

As a dark defender, I have a bit to say about the rez power: it’s a ranged AoE foe Disorient, so you shouldn’t have to worry much about aggro after using it. Unless, of course, there are a bunch of Lts, Bosses, or AVs…Also, the rez power is very useful for an opening move…I use it more for making my enemies helpless than rezing defeated allies!

Also, being a Kin defender, I have to say that it’s not that hard to solo…since most of the self buffs also debuff the enemy. Just don’t get overconfident, or you might get caught with your pants down (IE, rushing a new mob right BEFORE Fulcrum Shift wore off >.<).


Yet another awe-inspiring show. You two continue to amaze me with your attnetion to podcast professiona levels of quality, matched with extremely informative articles and finally followed up with a friendly spin on the whole kaboodle.
If more podcasters were like you two, Television as we know it would be in trouble.

I agree the pictures thing would be great. Have either of you been to CoHFaces? Its not a bad site, although the pics can sometimes be a bit off topic.

Finally I would like to congratulate you two on officially forcing me to get off my but and set up my very own self-hosted server dedicated to CoH. Thanks guys…. and Viv…could you please say “tasty” one more time? ;}

Its been forever since I’ve been to CoHFaces. IIRC its to post pictures of the players, not the characters, right?

Ooh- what kind of server? Private game server? Blog? Ventrillo/Teamspeak?


I want to open the Coh (guild/ventrillo/forums/…hopefully scrolling pic) site. Actually I am testing my Ubuntu 7.10 skills and want to show off some PhP nuke…

BTW can you tell Viv to say “Tasty” one more time? lol 🙂

You guys take care and keep up the AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!

I lovez da Ubuntu. I run an Ubuntu 7.10 server at home with Ventrilo, a private WoW server (for the teen and his friends) and a Counter-Strike server. Fun stuff, fun stuff!

I used to run my blogs on PhPNuke (well, actually PostNuke), but changed everything over to WordPress. I’ve found WP to be easier to manage and it seems to be more secure.

There is definitely some stuff that I miss about PostNuke though!

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